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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04A carbon nanotube-embedded fiber-optic tunable coupler for flexible repetition rate control of a passively Q-switched fiber laser구준회; 송용원; 이주한
2014-04A femtosecond pulse fiber laser at 1935 nm using a bulk-structured Bi2Te3 topological insulator정민완; 이준수; 구준회, et al
2014-06A femtosecond thulium holmium co-doped fiber laser based on graphene oxide evanescent filed interaction정민완; 구준회; 박재현, et al
2012-11A mode-locked 1.91 μm fiber laser based on interaction between graphene oxide and evanescent field정민완; 구준회; 풀락, et al
2014-05A passively mode-locked 1.93 um thulium holmium doped fiber laser정민완; 구준회; 이관일, et al
2014-07A polarization beam splitter using reduced graphene oxide-embedded fiber coupler구준회; 박재현; 송용원, et al
2013-01A Q-switched, mode-locked fiber laser using a graphene oxide-based polarization sensitive saturable absorber이준수; 구준회; 풀락, et al
2012-09An all fiberized, 1.89-μm Q-switched laser employing carbon nanotube evanescent field interaction정민완; 구준회; 장유민, et al
2013-05Carbon nanotube-based passive Q-switching of a 1.89 μm thulium doped fiber laser정민완; 구준회; 풀락, et al
2012-06Experimental investigation on a Q-switched, mode-locked fiber laser based on the combination of active mode locking and passive Q switching이준수; 구준회; 장유민, et al
2014-05Femtosecond fiber laser at 1.93 μm using gold deposited D-shaped fiber정민완; 구준회; 이관일, et al
2015-08Fiber optic polarization beam splitter using a reduced graphene oxide-based interlayer구준회; 박재현; 송용원, et al
2013-08Mode-locked pulse generation from an all-fiberized, Tm-Ho-codoped fiber laser incorporating a graphene oxide-deposited side-polished fiber정민완; 구준회; 박재현, et al
2014-11Mode-locked thulium-holmium codoped fiber laser using a Bi2Te3 topological insulator as saturable absorber정민완; 이준수; 구준회, et al
2013-05Passively mode-locked thulium doped fiber laser using graphene oxide deposited D-shaped fiber정민완; 구준회; 풀락, et al
2013-05Passively Q-switched Mode-locked Fiber Laser Using Graphene Oxide-Deposited D-shaped Fiber이준수; 구준회; 풀락, et al
2014-11Polarization Beam Splitter based on Reduced Graphene Oxide-embedded Fiber Optic Coupler구준회; 박재현; 송용원, et al
2013-11Ultrafast thulium-holmiumcodoped fiber laser using a grapheneoxide-deposited D-shaped fiber정민완; 구준회; 박재현, et al