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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-10A Facile Method to Produce Exfoliated Boron Nitride Nanosheets장우리; 이주란; 구혜영
2019-03A lottery draw machine-inspired movable air filter with high removal efficiency and low pressure drop at a high flow rate구혜영; 장우리; 한나라, et al
2021-04A novel approach to designing air filters: Ubiquitous material-based Janus air filter modules with hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts구혜영; Sol Park; Chengzhong Yu, et al
2016-03A remote-controlled generation of gold@polydopamine (core@shell) nanoparticles via physical-chemical stimuli of polydopamine/gold composites이이슬; 배지영; 구혜영, et al
2019-10An active absorbent for cleanup of high-concentration strong acid and base solutions구혜영; 장우리; 한나라, et al
2016-08An effective method to synthesize a metal oxide-graphene nanocomposite for supercapacitor application구혜영; 장우리; KHANRA PARTHA, et al
2015-10An effective method to synthesize a metal oxide-graphene nanocomposite for supercapacitor application구혜영; 장우리; 이연식
2015-07Band Gap Engineering of Boron Nitride by Graphene and Its Application as Positive Electrode Material in Asymmetric Supercapacitor DeviceSanjit Saha; Milan Jana; KHANRA PARTHA, et al
2016-03Band gap modified boron doped NiO/Fe3O4 nanostructure as the positive elctrode for high energy asymmetric supercapacitorsSanjit Saha; Milan jana; KHANRA PARTHA, et al
2015-01Chemically modified graphene/PEDOT:PSS nanocomposite films for hydrogen gas sensing정양; 이덕희; 구혜영, et al
2018-08Cobalt sulfide/nickel sulfide heterostructure directly grown on nickel foam: An efficient and durable electrocatalyst for overall water splitting application구혜영; 장우리; Subhasis Shit, et al
2017-12Conductive Co3O4/graphene (core/shell) quantum dots as electrode materials for electrochemical pseudocapacitor applications구혜영; 손동익; 고요한, et al
2018-01Crossover magnetic amphiprotic catalysts for oil/water separation, the purification of aqueous and non-aqueous pollutants, and organic synthesis구혜영; 장우리; 강병권, et al
2013-04Defect healing of reduced graphene oxide via intramolecular cross-dehydrogenative coupling박옥경; 최용문; 황준연, et al
2019-04Effect of potassium ions on the formation of mixed-valence manganese oxide/graphene nanocomposites구혜영; 전대영; 장우리, et al
2019-06Effect of the solvent ratio (ethylene glycol/water) on the preparation of an iron sulfide electrocatalyst and its activity towards overall water splitting구혜영; 장우리; Subhasis Shit, et al
2013-06Efficient work-function engineering of solution-processed MoS2 thin-films for novel hole and electron transport layers leading to high-performance polymer solar cellsJin-Mun Yun; Yong-Jin Noh; Jun-Seok Yeo, et al
2010-04Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Hierarchical Structures on Polymer Surface by the Sol-Gel Process오은진; 김준경; 구혜영
2010-08Facile and Rapid Reduction of Graphene Oxide using p-Toluenesulfonylhydrazide Reagent via Microwave Irradiation윤진문; 여준석; 이유성, et al
2016-08Facile synthesis of iron oxide-graphene nano-composite for high performance supercapacitor anode and high capacitance retention구혜영; 장우리; KHANRA PARTHA, et al
2015-03Facile synthesis of mesoporous SiO2 nanoparticles using the mobility differences of etchants이이슬; 장우리; 구혜영, et al
2012-04Gold nanoparticle-doped graphene nanosheets: sub-nanosized gold clusters nucleate and grow at the nitrogen-induced defects on graphene surfaces구혜영; 이하진; 노용영, et al
2011-01Graphene-Based Multifunctional Iron Oxide Nanosheets with Tunable Properties구혜영; 이하진; 고혜아, et al
2011-11Graphene-based Multifunctional Nanosheets with Tunable Properties구혜영
2013-10Growth of magnesium oxide nanoparticles onto graphene oxide nanosheets by sol-gel process이주란; 구혜영
2019-01Hierarchical cobalt sulfide/molybdenum sulfide heterostructure as bifunctional electrocatalyst towards overall water splitting구혜영; 장우리; Subhasis Shit, et al
2012-05Hydrogen Barrier Technology Utilizing 2D Nanomaterials김명종; 구본철; 구혜영, et al
2016-02In-situ hydrothermal synthesis of MnO2/NiO@Ni hetero structure electrode for hydrogen evolution reaction and high energy asymmetric supercapacitor applications구혜영; Sanjit Saha; Suman Chhetri, et al
2009-08Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly of poly (allylamine) hydrochloride?raphene (PAH-G) and poly (sodium4-styrenesulfonate)-Graphene (PSS-G)Adila Rani; 오경아; 구혜영, et al
2015-10Magnesium hydroxide nanoplate/graphene oxide composites as efficient adsorbents for organic dyes이주란; 배지영; 장우리, et al