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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-06An FPGA-based Parallel Hardware Architecture for Real-time Eye Detection김동현; 정준희; Nguyen, Thuy Tuong, et al
2011-07Audio-Vision Fusion Sound Source Localization and Human Attention이병기; 최종석; 윤상석, et al
2010-10Audio-Vision Fusion Sound Source Localization and Human Attention최종석; 이병기; 윤상석, et al
2005-05Comparative Studies of a Single Cell and a Stack of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells이송기; 김대진; 이재영, et al
2004-11Development and Operation of a 50W DMFC Stack for Near Ambient Conditions김대진; 이재영; 씨비오, et al
2011-12Engkey: Tele-education Robot윤상석; 신종주; 김대진, et al
2008-02Low temperature non-alkylphosphine based synthesis of cadmium selenide nanocrystals김대진; 이주현; 유재웅, et al
2013-10Multiple Human Tracking using Multiple Kinects for an Attendance Check System of a Smart Class박지관; 안기진; 김대진, et al
2003-06Nafion/silica composite membranes prepared by PECVD김대진; Tae-Hee Lee; 곽순종, et al
2004-07Nano-silica layered composite membranes prepared by PECVD for direct methanol fuel cells김대진; 알리스 스비오; 곽순종, et al
2006-03Operational characteristics of a 50 W DMFC stack김대진; 이재영; 임태훈, et al
2012-07Proactive Human Search for the Designated Person with Prior Context Information in an Undiscovered Environments윤상석; 전봉진; 김대진, et al
2009-06Real Time Imitation of Facial Expression with a Mascot-Type Face Robot오경균; 정찬열; 유원효, et al
1998-05Recalcitrant wastewater treatment using catalytic oxidation process at low temperature장원석; 박대원; 정윤철, et al
2004-06Recent Progress in Passive Direct Methanol Fuel Cells at KIST김대진; 조은애; 홍성안, et al
2010-10Sound Source Localization in Reverberant Environment using Visual information이병기; 최종석; 김대진, et al
2005-08Sulfonated Poly(ether sulfone) for Universal Fuel Cell Operations김형준; Nambi Krishnan; 조은애, et al
2006-09Sulfonated poly(ether sulfone) for universal polymer electrolyte fuel cell operations김형준; N Krishnan; 이상엽, et al
2014-05The effect of the stacking fault on the diffusion of chemisorbed hydrogen atoms inside few-layered graphene정동현; 국혜인; 김대진, et al
2016-03Thermostable Artificial Solid-Electrolyte Interface Layer Covalently Linked to Graphite for Lithium Ion Battery: Molecular Dynamics Simulation국혜인; 김대진; 최승훈, et al
2010-08Uniform Decoration of Linker-Free Quantum Dots onto Mesoporous TiO2 Using Liquid Carbon Dioxide장원호; 김대진; 김재훈, et al
2010-10Verification of Sound Source Localization in Reverberation Room and its Real Time Adaptation using Visual Information이병기; 최종석; 김대진, et al
2003-05-31무기질 박막이 코팅된 직접메탄올 연료전지용 복합고분자 전해질막의 제조 방법곽순종; 김대진; 남석우, et al