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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-092D boron nitride nanoflakes as a multifunctional additive in gel polymer electrolyte for safe, long cycle life and high rate lithium metal batteries심지민; 김희중; 김병각, et al
2015-11Electrical & Mechanical properties of silver nanowire coated EMI shielding films of flexible devices김동균; 김성훈; 김종학, et al
2014-10Electromagnetic shielding characteristics of highly transparent conducting film with micro pattern through a high-frequency electromagnetic analysis of the coaxial airline system김동균; 강민우; 김상우
2015-04Electromagnetic shielding effectiveness characteristic of highly transparent conducting metal coated films through the numerical analysis and measurement of a coaxial air line김동균; 김종학; 김상우
2014-04Evaluation of attenuation of electromagnetic waves of silver mesh film through numerical analysis of a coaxial tube김동균; 김종학; 김상우
2014-05Evaluation of electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of highly transparent conducting films with micropatterns through the numerical analysis of a coaxial air line김동균; 김종학; 김상우
2013-10Fabrication and Characterization of Thermally Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites Including Ferromagnetic Metal Core and Oxide Shell Particles Tied with Silicon Layer김동균; 최현석; 이경섭, et al
2015-07Giant Near-Field Magnetic Wave Absorption Enhanced by Diamagnetic Ring Currents in Graphenes김상우; 김동균; 강민우, et al
2017-06High-performance near-field electromagnetic wave attenuation in ultra-thin and transparent graphene films김상우; 김동균; Junmo Kang, et al
2014-02High-performance reverse osmosis CNT/polyamide nanocomposite membrane by controlled interfacial interactions심지민; 김희중; 최권용, et al
2015-01Liquid crystal alignment behaviors on poly(methyl methacrylate) having polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane groups심지민; 강효; 홍현기, et al
2015-10Mechanical properties of single silver nanowire for the transparent EMI shielding films of flexible devices김동균; 김성훈; 김종학, et al
2014-09Novel composite polymer electrolytes containing poly (ethylene glycol)-grafted graphene oxide for all-solid-state lithium-ion battery applications심지민; 김동균; 김희중, et al
2015-04Polymer composite electrolytes having core?shell silica fillers with anion-trapping boron moiety in the shell layer for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries심지민; 김동균; 김희중, et al
2014-06Preparation of organic/inorganic hybrid semi-interpenetrating network polymer electrolytes based on poly(ethylene oxide-co-ethylene carbonate) for all-solid state lithium batteries at elevated temperatures심지민; 권수지; 김동균, et al
2013-10Preparation of solid-state composite electrolytes based on organic/inorganic hybrid star-shaped polymer and PEG-functionalized POSS for all-solid-state lithium battery applications심지민; 김동균; 이진홍, et al
2015-12Solid Polymer Electrolytes Based on Functionalized Tannic Acids from Natural Resources for All­Solid­State Lithium­Ion Batteries심지민; 배기윤; 김희중, et al
2016-09Solid polymer electrolytes containing poly(ethylene glycol) and renewable cardanol moieties for all-solid-state rechargeable lithium batteries심지민; 백지훈; 김동균, et al
2020-02Spatiotemporally Controlled Plasticity and Elasticity in 3D Multi-Shape Memory Structures Enabled by Elemental Sulfur-Derived Polysulfide Networks with Intrinsic NIR Responsiveness최용석; 이지목; 노국연, et al
2014-11Synthesis and electrical characterization of silver nanowires김동균; 김종학; 김상우
2014-05Synthesis and properties of organic/inorganic hybrid branched-graft copolymers and their application to solid-state electrolytes for high-temperature lithium-ion batteries심지민; 김동균; 이진홍, et al
2015-07Tensile and buckling deformations of a silver nanowire for the transparent electrode of flexible devices김상우; 김동균; 김성훈, et al
2014-05Thermal Conductivities of Three-Component Nanocomposite Sheets Including Magnetic Metal Core and Alumina Shell Particles김동균; 김종학; 김상우
2016-08Two distinct mechanisms of transcriptional regulation by the redox sensor YodB이인균; 이상재; 이기영, et al
2021-07Weldable and Reprocessable Biomimetic Polymer Networks Based on a Hydrogen Bonding and Dynamic Covalent Thiourea Motif최용석; 이동수; 황재혁, et al
2011-04-05실시간 음성 활동 검출 장치 및 검출 방법김동균; 김문상; 김형순, et al
2008-11-05실시간 음원 방향 감지 장치 및 그 방법김동균; 김문상; 이창훈, et al