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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-10Analysis of the contact pressure distribution and kinetics of knee implant using the simulator이문규; 김정민; 김동민, et al
2010-09Behaviors of Drug Release from Dual Drug-Eluting Stents Coated With Biodegradable Polymers김동민; 이봉수; 최지연, et al
2012-06Characteristics and control release of ReoPro and ALA drugs for dual drug-eluting stent정윤기; 김동민; 최지연, et al
2011-10Controlled release of bioactive molecules from biodegradable polymer for dual drug-eluting stent김동민; 강종희; 최지연, et al
2010-10Core/Shell Nanoparticles for pH-Sensitive Delivery of Doxorubicin오근상; 엄윤식; 이진호, et al
2009-11Dual drug-release behaviors in stents coated with biodegradable polymer using electrospray김동민; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2006-10Fabrication and characterization of Nylon 6 filled with MWNTs김동민; 김우년; 김준경, et al
2011-09Fabrication and controlled drug release of novel dual drug-eluting stents김동민; 강종희; 최지연, et al
2011-05Fabrication and Controlled Release of Electrosprayed ReoPro-loaded Metal Surface for Vascular Stent김동민; 이봉수; 강종희, et al
2011-04Fabrication of ALA/ReoPro-Eluting Stent and Behavior of controlled release김동민; 강종희; 최지연, et al
2010-11Fabrication of ALA/ReoPro-eluting stent coating and their release behavior김동민; 이봉수; 강종희, et al
2011-04Fabrication of dual drug-eluting stent coating and their release behavior김동민; 강종희; 박귀덕, et al
2014-05Humidification of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell using short circuit control for unmanned aerial vehicle applications김진철; 김동민; 김성욱, et al
2010-03Metal Surface Coating using Electrospray of Biodegradable Polymers and α-Lipoic Acid Release Behavior for Drug-Eluting Stents김동민; 이봉수; 박철호, et al
2014-05Portable ammonia-borane-based H2 power-pack for unmanned aerial vehicles서정은; 김유종; 김용민, et al
2010-03Preparation and controlled release behavior of dual drug-eluting stent containing barrier layer김동민; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2006-05Region-based ICP Algorithm in TKR Operation기재홍; 이문규; 이창양, et al
2009-10Release behaviors of dual drug eluting stents coated by using electrospray for anti-restenosis김동민; 박철호; 박귀덕, et al
2010-10Study on Sustained and Controlled Release Behavior for Application to Dual Drug-Eluting Stent김동민; 이봉수; 강종희, et al
2010-04Sustained and Controlled Release Behavior for Application of the Dual Drug-Eluting Stent김동민; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
1998-01Synthesis of a diphenylethylene derivative carrying aromatic tertiary amine groups and its use in chain end functionalization of alkyllithium-initiated polymerizations김정안; 곽순종; 김광웅, et al
2011-01-13약물 방출 조절용 다중 코팅 스텐트 및 그의 제조 방법강종희; 김동민; 박귀덕, et al
2010-11이중 약물방출 스텐트용 약물 지속 및 조절 방출거동 연구김동민; 이봉수; 강종희, et al
2009-11전기방사로 고분자 코팅된 혈관 재흡착 방지용 이중 약물방출 스텐트에서의 방출거동김동민; 박철호; 이봉수, et al
2011-05전기분사 장치를 이용한 생분해성 고분자의 코팅에 의한 이중약물방출 스텐트의 방출거동 제어김동민; 강종희; 최지연, et al
2010-06전기분사 장치를 이용한 생분해성 고분자의 코팅에 의한 이중약물방출 스텐트의 방출거동 조절김동민; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
-(Undefined)롬바드, 앤서니; 롱, 우준; 뤼브라드 오케, et al