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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04A study on the annealing behavior of Cu-added bake-hardenable steel using an in situ EBSD technique김동익; Kim, Jong Seok; 김주헌, et al
2007-04An Elastic Fibrous Scaffold for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering김수현; 정은나; 김상헌, et al
2009-10Analysis of microstructure and texture evolution in pure magnesium during symmetric and asymmetric rollingBenoit Beausir; Somjeet Biswas; 김동익, et al
2007-10Annealing texture of ECAE processed copperSatyam Suwas; 김동익
2007-07Application of a new tubular scaffold for blood vessel tissue engineering김상헌; 정은나; 김상훈, et al
2007-09Application of an elastic fibrous scaffold for blood vessel reconstruction김상헌; 정은나; 김상훈, et al
2015-11Application of Transmitted Kikuchi Diffraction in Studying Nano-oxide and Ultrafine Metallic GrainsMajid Abbasi; 김동익; Hwan-Uk Guim, et al
2012-07Asymmetric and symmetric rolling of magnesium: Evolution of microstructure, texture and mechanical propertiesSomjeet Biswas; 김동익; Satyam Suwas
2009-04Atomistic modeling of nanosized Cr precipitate contribution to hardening in an Fe-Cr alloy심재혁; 김동익; 정우상, et al
2008-10Atomistic study of temperature dependence of interaction between screw dislocation and nanosized bcc Cu precipitate in bcc Fe심재혁; 김동익; 정우상, et al
2007-05Bioengineering of Blood Vessel using Elastic Fibrous Scaffold김수현; 정은나; 김상헌, et al
2015-10Characteristics of oxide scale formed on Cu-bearing austeniticstainless steel during early stages of high temperature oxidationSrinivasan Swaminathan; Nanda Gopala Krishna; 김동익
2005-02Crystal growth in the low-temperature deposition of polycrystalline silicon thin film신승도; 김동완; 김동익, et al
2010-10Cyclic oxidation of yttria dispersed austenitic stainless steelsPhaniraj Madakashira; 김동익; 심재혁, et al
2006-11Development of a new scaffold for blood vessel tissue engineering using bone marrow-derived stem cells김상헌; 김수현; 정은나, et al
2015-05Development of high strength hot rolled low carbon copper-bearing steel containing nanometer sized carbidesPhaniraj Madakashira; 신영민; Joonho Lee, et al
2010-06Dynamic recrystallisation in aluminium alloyed hypereutectoid steels under hot working conditionsPhaniraj Madakashira; 장윤수; 김동익, et al
2014-09EBSD and reconstruction of pre-transformation microstructures, examples and complexities in steelsMajid Abbasi; 김동익; Tracy W. Nelson, et al
2009-04EBSD를 이용한 IF강의 in-situ 재결정 거동 고찰김동익; 김주헌; 오규환
2006-10EBSD를 이용한 세멘타이트 포함 철강 재료의 분석김동익; 김태창; 김현종, et al
2012-04EBSD를 이용한 집합조직 연구 동향 (ICOTOM16의 EBSD 연구 동향 분석)김동익
2012-05EDS-EBSD 조합 분석을 이용한 강의 산화물층 분석김동익; 김주헌; 이경우, et al
2016-01Effect of aging treatment on microstructure and intrinsic mechanical behavior of Fe-31.4Mn-11.4Al-0.89C lightweight steel이근호; 박성준; 이재은, et al
2010-08Effect of Aluminum Content on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hypereutectoid Steels장윤수; Phaniraj Madakashira; 김동익, et al
2010-11Effect of Aluminum Content on the Microstructure of Hypereutectoid Steels장윤수; Phaniraj Madakashira; 김동익, et al
2012-08Effect of Crystallographic Anisotrophy and Lanthanum Stoichiometry on Microstructural Evolution of Lanthanum Silicate ElectrolytesDong-Kyu Shin; Yong Kim; Hyun-Ho Seo, et al
2011-11Effect of grain boundary characteristics on the oxidation behavior of ferritic stainless steelPhaniraj Madakashira; 김동익; 조영환
2015-02Effect of grain boundary engineering on the microstructureand mechanical properties of coppercontainingausteniticstainlesssteelSubhasis Sinha; 김동익; Eric Fleury, et al
2008-09Effect of grain orientation on oxide scale formation in SOFC interconnect materialPhaniraj Madakashira; 김동익; 심재혁, et al