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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10Chemical tuning of electrochemical properties of Pt-skin surface for highly active oxygen reduction reactions정남기; 정영훈; 정동영, et al
2013-04Cobalt-Based Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction / Evolution Reactions in Alkaline Medium정남기; 박희영; 이상영, et al
2004-09Construction of bacterial artificial chromosome library from electrochemical microorganisms백정호; 김만수; 조혁, et al
2014-11Effects of anode flooding on the performance degradation of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells김만수; 정남기; 엄광섭, et al
2012-11High stability and activity of Pt-based alloy nanocatalysts for oxygen reduction정남기; 이상영; 박희영, et al
2015-10Janus Pt surfaces derivatized with zwitterionic molecules for oxygen reduction reactions in alkaline and acid electrolytes정남기; 신혜영; 김만수, et al
2013-04Role of Electronic Perturbation in Stability and Activity of Pt-based Alloy Nanocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction정남기; 이상영; 김만수, et al
2006-12STAM-AMSH interaction facilitates the deubiquitination activity in the C-terminal AMSH김만수; 김점아; 송현규, et al
2013-11Surface composition control of Pd3Au/C electrocatalyst via CO-induced segregation for formic acid oxidation reactions이상영; 정남기; 김만수, et al
2013-08Surface-activated Pd3Au/C electrocatalyst using by CO-induced segregation for formic acid oxidation reactions이상영; 박희영; 정남기, et al
2012-11Synthesis and electrochemical property of PdM@Pt/C cathode catalyst for PEMFCs이상영; 박희영; 정남기, et al
2013-04Synthesis and high durabilty of PdM@Pt/C core-shell electrocatalyst for PEMFCs이상영; 박희영; 정남기, et al
2013-06The effect of fuel composition on Degradation of PBI-based high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells정기수; 헨켄스마이어디억; 김만수, et al
2012-11산소 환원 반응을 위한 코발트 기반 연료전지 촉매정남기; 박희영; 이상영, et al