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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-07A proposal for new definition of performance indices of a desiccant rotor이대영; 이길봉; 김민수
2015-09Acetaldehyde Removal by Ozone Decomposition Process using Mn/TiO2 Nanoparticle Catalysts김민수; 박은석; 정현덕, et al
2014-10Acetaldehydes in Indoor Air: Absorption and Catalytic Oxidation using MnOx/TiO2 Honeycomb-Catalyst김민수; 박은석; 정현덕, et al
2014-10Adsorption-Desorption of VOCs over Zeolite with Catalytic Oxidation using MnOx/TiO2 Catalyst정현덕; 김민수; 박은석, et al
2000-11An experimental study on vapor-liquid equilibria of HFC and HC refrigerant mixtures강병복; 김민수; 김영일
1989-01analysis of the phase change heat transfer around a horizantal cylinder considering the conducting wall.이윤표; 유호선; 김민수, et al
2014-05Catalytic oxidation of acetaldehydes in indoor air using UVC and Mn/TiO2 honeycomb-catalyst김민수; 박은석; 차우준, et al
2010-05Characteristics and Photocatalytic Properties of TiO2 Nanoparticles Synthesized by Thermal Decomposition Process이명훈; 김민수; 정종수, et al
2015-06Characteristics of particle and CO contamination in a smoking room caused by Korean tobacco김종범; 김경환; 류성희, et al
2010-02Characteristics of TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized by thermal decomposition process and their photocatalytic degradation정종수; 진성민; 김민수
1997-01Condensing heat transfer characteristics of hydrocarbon refrigerants in a horizontal tube장영수; 김민수; 노승탁
2005-07Derivation and Analysis of Dimensionless Parameters Dominating the Dehumidification Characteristics of a Desiccant Rotor이길봉; 김민수; 이대영
2004-09Development of a Linearized Model and Verification of the Exact Solution for the Analysis of a Desiccant Dehumidifier이길봉; 이대영; 김민수
1993-07Effect of interlayer thickness on mechanical properties of nicalon-fiber-reinforced SiC composites.김민수; 정덕수; 김영욱, et al
1996-01Effect of multilayer coating on mechanical properties of nicalon-fiber-reinforced silicon carbide composites.김영욱; 이준근; 김민수, et al
2013-07Effect of Sulfur on Mn/Ti Catalysts Prepared Using Chemical Vapor Condensation (CVC) for Low-Temperature NO Reduction박은석; 김민수; 정현덕, et al
2012-02Effect of the support material (TiO2) synthesis conditions in chemical vapor condensation on the catalytic oxidation for 1,2-dichlorobenzene over V2O5/TiO2진성민; 박은석; 김민수, et al
2015-07Enhanced Catalytic Decomposition of VOCs Using Synthesized MnOx/TiO2 With Adsorption-desorption정현덕; 김민수; 박은석, et al
2008-10Enhanced Diffusion in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Using Pulsating Flow황용신; 차석원; 김서영, et al
2010-04Enhanced Diffusion in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells Using Oscillating Flow황용신; 이대영; 최종원, et al
2013-10Enhanced low-temperature NH3-SCR activity of a V2O5/TiO2 composite prepared via chemical vapor condensation and impregnation method차우준; Hoang Anh Le; 진성민, et al
2010-06Experimental Study of Performance of PEMFC Operated in Dead-End Mode지상훈; 황용신; 최종원, et al
2016-02Facile one-pot synthesis of tungsten oxide (WO3?x) nanoparticlesusing sub and supercritical fluids김민수; 이병용; 함형철, et al
2016-04Generation of nanoparticles from friction between railway brake disks and pads남궁형규; 김종범; 우상희, et al
1997-08Heat transfer and performance characteristics of hydrocarbon refrigerants as R22 alternatives in an air conditioning system장영수; 김민수; 노승탁
2015-03Hydrodesulfurization of Diesel for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Applications김민수; 김현구; 장성철, et al
2015-10Hydrothermal synthesis of metal nanoparticles using glycerol as a reducing agent김민수; 신유환; 손원수, et al
2016-05InGaAs/InP Avalanche Photodiode for Single Photon Detection with Zinc Diffusion Process Using Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition문성욱; 한상욱; 이민수, et al
2015-06Ionic liquid-catalysed decarboxylation of glycerol carbonate이현주; 이혜정; 김민수, et al
2016-03method for synthesizing zinc-amine complex and preparing methyl n-phenyl carbamate using zinc-amine complex김민수; 이혜진; 안병성, et al