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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01A biomimetic undulatory tadpole robot using ionic polymer-metal composite actuators김병규; 김덕호; 정재훈, et al
2003-09A ciliary based 8-legged walking micro robot using cast IPMC actuators김병규; 유재욱; 정연구, et al
2002-10A ciliary motion based 8-legged walking micro robot using cast IPMC actuators유재욱; 정연구; Younghun Tak, et al
2006-04A Flexible Microassembly System based on Hybrid Manipulation Scheme for Manufacturing Photonics Components김병규; 강현재; 김덕호, et al
2002-07A linkage-type locomotive mechanism for colonoscopes.김경대; 임헌영; 김병규, et al
2002-10A locomotive mechanism for a robotic colonoscope김병규; 임헌영; 김경대, et al
2006-07A Paddling Based Locomotive Mechanism for Capsule Endoscopes박석호; 박현준; 박성진, et al
2005-04A Reversible Thermo-Sensitive Hydrogel Clamper of Locomotive Mechanism in Gastrointestinal Tract김진석; 김병규; 김수현, et al
2001-10A self-propelling endoscopic system임영모; 이진희; 박지상, et al
2003-07A Study on the Fabrication a Membrane Type Micro-Actuator Using IPMC for Micro-Pump Application조성환; 이승기; 김병규, et al
2006-01A superelastic alloy microgripper with embedded electromagnetic actuators and piezoelectric force sensors: a numerical and experimental study김덕호; 이문구; 김병규, et al
2004-10A Superelastic Alloy Microgripper with Embedded Electromagnetic Actuators and Piezoelectric Sensors김덕호; 이문구; 김병규, et al
2004-10A Thermo-Sensitive Hydrogel Actuator in Dry Environment김진석; 김수현; 정용원, et al
2007-03A three-dimensional model of fluid-structural interactions for quantifying the contractile force for cardiomyocytes on hybrid biopolymer microcantilever박정렬; 류석규; 김진석, et al
2017-12A two-step synthesis process of thermoelectric alloys for the separate control of carrier density and mobility현도빈; 김진상; 김동익, et al
2000-07Actuating mechanism of smart capsule for human intestine임형준; 민현진; 김수현, et al
2004-04Advanced Controller Design and Implementation of a Sensorized Microgripper for Micromanipulation박정렬; 김상민; 김덕호, et al
2004-11AFM-Based Identification of the Dynamic Properties of Globular Proteins김덕호; 박정렬; 김병규, et al
2005-08An Earthworm-Like Locomotive Mechanism for김병규; 박석호; 지창열, et al
2006-01An Earthworm-Like Locomotive Mechanism for Capsule Endoscopes using PZT actuator지창열; 박석호; 윤석진, et al
2006-01An earthworm-like micro robot using shape memory alloy actuator김병규; 이문구; 이영표, et al
2004-09An Integrated Bio Cell Processor for Single박정렬; 정승환; 김영호, et al
2004-04An Integrated Cell Processor for Single Embryo Cell Manipulation박정렬; 정승환; 김영호, et al
2020-05An investigation of the corrosion behavior of 316L stainless steel fabricated by SLM and SPS techniques김동익; 김병규; Amol B. Kale, et al
2002-06analysis for movement characteristics of pneumatic impulsive actuator for robotic colonoscope이진희; 정연구; 김병규, et al
2005-10Analysis of fluidic bead cube embedded portable CMOS sensing system for immuno reaction monitoring정용원; 최기환; 박세완, et al
2003-07Analysis of mechanical characteristics of the ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) actuator using cast ion-exchange film김병규; 김병목; 유재욱, et al
2003-10Autonomous biomanipulation factory for manipulating individual embryo cells김병규; 김덕호; 박정렬, et al
2005-04Bio-Material Property Measurement System for Locomotive Mechanism in Gastro-Intestinal Tract권지운; 박석호; 김병규, et al