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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09A dip-stick type biosensor using bioluminescent bacteria encapsulated in color-coded alginate microbeads for detection of water toxicity정인섭; 서호빈; 이지은, et al
2011-04A facile diagnosis of HIV particles using HIV neutralizing antibody-conjugated beads김병찬; Peter Sommer
2012-06A sensitive and reliable detection of thrombin via enzyme-precipitate-coating-linked aptamer assay이혜진; 김병찬; 오민규, et al
2013-05A simple colorimetric assay for the detection of mercury ions based-on the interaction between mercyry ion specific ssDNA and catalytic magnetic nanoparticles김연석; 진성민; 김병찬, et al
2011-05A subtractively optimized DNA microarray using non-sequenced genomic probes for the detection of food-borne pathogens이진용; 김병찬; 장관종, et al
2013-05A toxicity biosensor using bioluminescence bacterial microbeads after dip-stick methods정인섭; 서호빈; 이지은, et al
2008-10Adaptive reinforcement learning for opening a door using mobile manipulator in geometrical uncertainty김병찬; 류동석; 박신석, et al
2016-11An aptamer cocktail-functionalized photocatalyst with enhanced antibacterial efficiency towards target bacteria정종수; 김병찬; 송민영, et al
2006-10An enzyme-nanofiber composite for enzyme stabilization이진형; 김병찬; 황이택, et al
2006-08An evaluation of biocatalytic nanofiber based biodegradation using recombinant bioluminescent bacterial biosensors황이택; 이진형; 김병찬, et al
2008-06Analysis of the Toxic Mode of Action by Silver Nanoparticles Using Stress-Specific Bioluminescent Bacteria황이택; 이진형; 채윤주, et al
2012-09Antibody-conjugated TiO2 for Selective Photokilling of Target Bacteria송민영; 정현덕; 정종수, et al
2006-10Application of enzyme coated nanofiber to biodegradation process이진형; 김병찬; 김중배, et al
2013-05Aptamer Cocktails for Signal Enhancement in E. coli Detection using Newly Isolated E. coli Binding DNA Aptamers김연석; 송민영; 정종수, et al
2014-04Aptamer cocktails: Enhancement of sensing signals compared to single use of aptamers for detection of bacteria김연석; 정진양; 송민영, et al
2014-04Bacterial target-specific photocatalyst for the enhancement of antibacterial property to targets송민영; 정현덕; 정종수, et al
2006-10Biodegradation of Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate(DEHP) using biocatalytic nanofibers and toxicity of its degradation이진형; 김병찬; 김중배, et al
2014-11Colorimetric detection of acetylcholine with plasmonic nanomaterials signaling오주환; 김병찬; 이재승
2011-10Construction and characterization of Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) hepatic cDNA library and its implementation to biomarker screening in aquatic toxicologyPham, Chi Hoa; 박경서; 김병찬, et al
2006-10Construction of enzyme-nanofiber composite for enzyme stabilization이진형; 황이택; 김병찬, et al
2013-05Continuous Monitoring of Hazardous Pollutants in Water using Receptor Immobilized Porous Membrane System김연석; 김병찬; 정종수
2010-10Control of Impulsive Contact Force between Mobile Manipulator and Environment Using Effective Mass and Damping Controls강성철; Komoriya; Yokoi, et al
2013-06Detection of E. coli using Aptamer Cocktail Newly Isolated against E. coli김연석; 송민영; 정종수, et al
2016-09DNA aptamers for selective identification and separation of flame retardant chemicals김병찬; 김언정
2016-03Efficient protein digestion using highly-stable and reproducible trypsin coatings on magnetic nanofibers이병수; 김병찬; 장문석, et al
2011-04Enzyme Logic Gates Based on Enzyme-Coated Carbon Nanotubes김경우; 김병찬; 이혜진, et al
2012-02Enzyme precipitate coatings of glucose oxidase onto carbon paper for biofuel cell applicationsFisherback, M.; 권기영; 이인선, et al
2011-09Enzyme precipitate coatings of lipase on polymer nanofibers안효진; 이혜진; 전승현, et al
2006-10Enzyme-nanofiber composite as biocatalytic system for biodegradation이진형; 김병찬; 김중배, et al
2007-10Enzyme-nanofiber composites for biocatalysis applications김병찬; sujith nair; 김성훈, et al