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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-04A biomimetic compliance control of robot hand by considering structures of human finger김병호; 이병주; 서일홍, et al
2000-07A compliance control method for robot hands with consideration of decoupling among fingers/joints김병호; 이병주; 서일홍, et al
2000-08A compliance control method for robot manipulators using nonlinear stiffness adaptation김병호; 오상록; 이병주, et al
2000-10A compliance control strategy for robot manipulator under unknown environment김병호; 오상록; 서일홍, et al
1998-10A compliant contact control strategy for robot manipulators with unknown environment오상록; 김병호; 정낙영, et al
2000-12A study on microwave dielectric properties of low-temperature sintered (1-x)ZnNb2O6-xPb5Nb4O15 and microstructure김현학; 김경용; 김병호
2001-01A study on specifying compliance characteristics for assembly tasks using robot hands : Two dimensional model김병호; 오상록; 이병주, et al
2000-10Analysis of compliance characteristic for effective multi-fingered robotic peg-in-hole task김병호; 오상록; 이병주, et al
1994-01Application of compression molding to determination of binder system for low pressure injection molding.김상우; 이해원; 송휴섭, et al
1998-04BiNbO₄ 세라믹스를 이용한 저역통과 필터에 관한 연구고상기; 김경용; 김병호, et al
1998-01Characteristics of tapped microstrip bandpass filter in BiNbO4 ceramics고상기; 김경용; 김병호
1996-01Comparison of GaN on sapphire with and without nitridation변동진; 정재식; 금동화, et al
2000-09Compliance analysis for effective handling of Peg-In/Out-Hole tasks using robot hands김병호; 이병주; 서일홍, et al
2000-09Compliance analysis for effective peg-in-hole task김병호; 이병주; 서일홍, et al
2001-04Compliance planning for character writing using multi-fingered hands김병호; 오상록; 이병주, et al
2002-03Compliance planning for dextrous assembly tasks using multi-fingered robot hands김병호; 오상록; 이병주, et al
1996-01Development of a multi-joint robot finger using ultrasonic motors유범재; 이종원; 오상록, et al
2000-04Development of a new multi-fingered robot hand using ultrasonic motors and its control system김병호; 오상록; 유범재, et al
2002-09Dielectric properties and ordering structures of Pb(Fe₁/₂Ta₁/₂)O₃-Pb(Fe₁/₂Nb₁/₂)O₃ solid solutions우병철; 김병국; 이종호, et al
1999-09Dielectric properties of BaTiO3 ceramics having abnormally grown grains조지만; 김병호; 김병국, et al
1989-01Effect of Ca/P Mole Ratio on the Sintering of Hydroxyapatite Powder Synthesized by the Wet Method and its Microstructure신용규; 정형진; 김병호
1988-01Effect of Ca/P Ratio on the Precipitation and Powder of Hydroxyapatite Synthesized by the Wet Method신용규; 정형진; 김병호
2005-04Effect of Cathode Porosity of Mixed Conducting La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3 on the Power Generating Characteristics of Anode Supported SOFCs윤중철; 김우식; 김형철, et al
2005-04Effect of Cathode Porosity on the Cathodic Polarization Behavior of Mixed Conducting La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3윤중철; 이종호; 김주선, et al
2000-12Effect of CaTiO₃ additions on the microwave dielectric properties of Mg₂SiO₄-ZnAl₂O₄ ceramics with low dielectric constant박일환; 김현학; 김경용, et al
1989-01Effect of pH Varation on the Properties of the Hydroxyapatite Precipitates and Powder Prepared by the Wet Method신용규; 정형진; 김병호
1996-01Effect of sapphire nitridation on GaN by MOCVD변동진; 정재식; 금동화, et al
1997-06Effect of sapphire nitridation on GaN by MOCVD변동진; 김긍호; 정재식, et al
1996-01Effect of sapphire nitridation on GaN by MOCVD.금동화; 변동진; 김긍호, et al
1997-01Effect of sintering atmosphere on the microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of silicon carbide ceramics전형우; 이해원; 송휴섭, et al