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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-032,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin induces recruitment of Shc/Cbl/Grb2/Sos complex in early signaling pathway of CYP1A1 induction in the primary culture of rat hepatocytes김복량; 박래길; 김동현
1998-01Association of Shc, Cbl, Grb2, and Sos following treatment with 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin in primary rat hepatocytes박래길; 김동현; 김명선, et al
2001-12Characterization of the selectivity and mechanism of cytochrome P450 inhibition by dimethyl-4,4'-dimethoxy-5,6,5',6'-dimethylenedioxybiphenyl-2,2'-dicarboxylate김지연; 백민선; 이수용, et al
1997-11Differential inhibition of aflatoxin B1 oxidation by gestodene action on human liver microsomes김복량; 오현숙; 김동현
2001-07Effect of an extract of the root of Scutellaria baicalensis and its flavonoids on aflatoxin B1 oxidizing cytochrome P450 enzymes김복량; 김동현; 박래길, et al
2002-04Effects of flavonoids isolated from scutellariae radix on cytochrome P-450 activities in human liver microsomes김지연; 이수용; 김동현, et al
2000-10Effects of scutellariae radix and its flavonoids on aflatoxin B1 oxidizing and other cytochrome P450 enzymes김복량; 김동현; 이정현, et al
1998-07In vitro and in vivo reactions of 2,4-toluene diisocyanate with DNA and blood proteins정요찬; 김동현; 김복량, et al
1998-01Influence of glutathione on the catalytic activity of reconstituted cytochrome P450 3A4김복량; 김동현
2000-10Inhibition of microsomal testosterone 6 β -hydroxylase activity by dimethyl-4,4´-dimethoxy-5,6,5´,6´-dimethylene dioxy phenyl-2,2'-dicarboxylate (DDB)김동현; 백민선; 김지연, et al
2000-03Mechanism of covalent adduct formation of aucubin to proteins김동현; 김복량; 김지연, et al
1998-05Structure-related inhibition of human hepatic caffeine N3-demethylation by naturally occurring flavonoids이호; 염혜영; 김영구, et al
1999-03The effect of dehydronifedipine on the oxidation of aflatoxin B₁ by cytochrome P450 3A4김복량; 권강범; 김동현
2000-08-31GST Yc1/2 발현 촉진제문성록; 오현숙; 정헌택, et al