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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993-01A study on the antiferromagnetism and exchange anisotropy for Co/Pd multilayered thin film by the analysis of the hall effect.김상록; 정진덕; 이행기, et al
1996-01A study on the magnetic and magneto-optical properties of Tb/Co composition modulated multilayer films.김상록; 홍석지; 이성래
1993-01A study on the magnetic state of Pd/Co multilayered thin films by the analysis of the hall effect.김상록; 이성래; 박용선, et al
2000-01Corrosion resistance and magnetic properties of FeXN (X=Hf, CoHf, CrHf) nanocrystalline thin film head materials김기현; 김상록; 김광윤, et al
2000-01Magnetic properties of as-deposited Fe-Al-O alloy films김상록; 김기현; 김종렬, et al
2001-01Magnetic properties of as-sputtered Co-Ni-Fe alloy films김윤명; 최덕; 김상록, et al
1993-01Magnetic properties of Pd/Co multilayer films studied by hall effect.김상록; 이성래; 정진덕
1991-01Magnetic properties of Tb/Fe composition modulated films.김상록; 이성래
1994-11Magnetostriction of melt-spun Dy-Fe-B alloys.김상록; 임상호; 노태환, et al
1996-09Magnetostriction of melt-spun TbFe2-B alloys임상호; 김상록; 김희중, et al
1997-01Magnetostriction of rapidly quenched Sm-Fe-B alloys김상록; 임상호
1998-07Magnetostrictive properties of polymer-bonded amorphous Tb-Fe-B composites김상록; 강성영; 박종구, et al
1999-01Magnetostrictive properties of polymer-bonded terfenol-D composites임상호; 김상록; 강석이, et al
1997-01Magnetostrictive properties of rapidly quenched Tb-Dy-Fe-B alloys임상호; 강석이; 김상록
1999-01Soft magnetic properties and microstructures of As-sputtered Fe-M-O (M=Hf, Al) films박진영; 김상록; 김종렬, et al
2000-01Soft magnetic properties of as-sputtered Fe-Al-O films김상록; 김기현; 장용익, et al
2001-05The behavior of magnetization on As-sputtered Fe-Al-O films with good soft magnetic properties김경섭; K.S. Byon; 유성초, et al
1997-01The magnetic and magnetostrictive properties of melt-spun ribbons of B containing terfenol-D alloys김상록; 강석이; 임상호
1998-06The magnetization study of melt-spun ribbons of B containing TbFe//2 alloys김경섭; 유성초; 김상록, et al
1997-01The magnetostrictive and magnetic properties of melt-spun ribbons of Tb-Fe based alloys임상호; 김상록; 강석이
1995-10The magnetostrictive properties of Dy-Fe-B alloys with nanocrystalline grain structure.김상록; 노태환; 이성래, et al
1993-01Thermal stability and the effect of substrate temperature on the structural and magnetic properties of Pd/Co multilayer films.김상록; 하용철; 이성래, et al