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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-053-D FDTD simulation of a ground-penetrating radar system현승엽; 김상욱
1998-093D-QSAR of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors : functional group interaction energy descriptors for quantitative structure activity relationships study of ACE inhibitors김상욱; 지명환; 윤창노, et al
2001-05A comparative study on the stability of four different conversion models of open-ended coaxial probe김상욱; 조유선; 현승엽, et al
2000-07A fully three-dimensional simulator for pulse borehole radar using the hybrid FDTD/PSTD김상욱; 김세윤
1999-09A new equivalent circuit of an open-ended coaxial probe for measuring complex permittivity신현; 현승엽; 김상욱
2010-09A plasmonic biosensor array by block copolymer lithography신동옥; 정종렬; 한태희, et al
2000-08A virtually conical transmission-line model for open-ended coaxial probes신현; 현승엽; 김상욱, et al
2003-04Alteration of plasma F ₂ -isoprostanes before and after hemodialysis in patients with atherosclerosis in end-stage renal disease.김경미; 정병화; 김상욱, et al
2004-05Alteration of plasma total F2-isoprostands before and after hemodialysis in end-stage renal disease patients.김경미; 정병화; 팽기정, et al
2000-07An accurate FDTD simulation of a GPR system현승엽; 김상욱; 김세윤
2000-07An efficient model of an open-ended coaxial-line probe for measuring the complex permittivity신현; 현승엽; 김상욱, et al
2010-02Analysis of cross-borehole pulse radar signatures measured at various tunnel angles김상욱; 김세윤
2010-06Analysis of dispersion of pulse signals in underground tunnels using finite-difference time domain and short-time Fourier transform김상욱; 김세윤
1999-03Analysis of electromagnetic radiation from a GPR antenna by using 3-dimensional FDTD method현승엽; 김상욱; 김세윤
2000-06Analysis of receiving responses for a bistatic ground-penetrating radar system by using equivalent network model현승엽; 김상욱; 김세윤
1996-01Analysis of wide-band hoghorn antenna, I: double ridged rectangular waveguide feeder.김세윤; 박종국; 김상욱
1996-01Analysis of wide-band hoghorn antenna, II: radiation pattern.김세윤; 이주형; 김상욱
2015-02Anomalous rapid defect annihilation in selfassembled nanopatters by defect melting김봉훈; 박수정; 진형민, et al
1996-01Calculation of input impedance of nonuniformly ridged rectangular waveguide김세윤; 박종국; 김상욱
2003-02Characteristics of polyvinylpyrrolidone-layered silicate nanocomposites prepared by attrition ball milling구종민; 함형택; 최민호, et al
2004-08Chemical modification of carbon nanotubes and preparation of polystyrene/carbon nanotubes composites구종민; 함형택; 김상욱, et al
2011-10Clutter reduction filtering in borehole radar signals현승엽; 김상욱; 김세윤
2005-07Comparison of FMCW and pulse type ground-penetrating radar(GPR) for water leakage detection김상욱; 김세윤
2006-06Complex permittivity of borehole core measured by open-ended coaxial probe정지현; 김상욱; 김세윤
2012-06Considerations of the Blind Region for Single-Borehole Bistatic and Monostatic Pulse Radars조재형; 김상욱; 육종관, et al
2008-10Considerations of the phase effect for a cross-borehole pulse radar receiver조재형; 김상욱; 육종관, et al
2006-08Defect structure in thin films of a lamellar block copolymer self-assembled on neutral homogeneous and chemically nanopatterned surfaces구종민; 김상욱; 김봉훈, et al
2009-12Design and performance analysis of UWB modules for borehole radar system조재형; 김상욱; 김세윤, et al
2005-07Development of modular-type GPR system for detecting leakage points of water pipes곽진영; 김상욱; 오국태, et al
2007-09Directed self-assembly of block copolymers combining top-down and bottom-up approaches김봉훈; 정성준; 신동옥, et al