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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-1210 GHz phase look loop using a four-wave-mixing signal in semiconductor optical amplifier김동환; 김상혁; 조재철, et al
1999-1110GHz optical phase locked loop김동환; 김상혁; 전영민, et al
1998-1110㎓ mode-locked semiconductor ring laser김동환; 김상혁; 전영민, et al
2004-112~5 times tunable repetition rate multiplication of a 10 GHz pulse source using a tunable linearly chirped fiber Bragg grating장유민; 이주한; 한영근, et al
2004-082~5 times tunable repetition-rate multiplication of a 10 GHz pulse source using a linearly tunable, chirped fiber Bragg grating이주한; 장유민; 한영근, et al
2004-092~5 times tuneable repetition rate multiplication of a 10 GHz pulse source using a tuneable linearly chirped fibre Bragg grating and a nonlinear optical loop mirror이주한; 장유민; 한영근, et al
2003-1132 Chs chromatic dispersion compensator for WDM system based on chirped fiber Bragg gratings이상배; 한영근; 김상혁, et al
2006-05320 Gbit/s (32Chs x 10 Gbit/s) WDM transmission over bending insensitive holey fiber for metro communication한영근; 김길환; 조형수, et al
2004-0540 GHz adiabatic soliton generation of a modulator based dual frequency beat signal using dispersion decreasing fiber based Raman Amplification이주한; 한영근; 김상혁, et al
2000-1040 GHz optical phase lock loop circuit for ultrahigh speed optical time division demultiplexing system김동환; 김상혁; 조재철, et al
1999-1140GHz optical PLL based on four-wave-mixing in a semiconductor optical amplifier김동환; 김상혁; 조재철, et al
2005-0564 channel Dispersion Compensator for High-Speed Optical Communication이영준; 배준기; 한영근, et al
2005-11A Detailed Experimental Study on Single-Pump Raman/EDFA Hybrid Amplifiers: Static, Dynamic, and System Performance Comparison이주한; 장유민; 한영근, et al
1999-08A fiber-integrated semiconductor ring laser for 10GHz optical timing extraction김동환; 김상혁; 조재철, et al
2005-11A Novel Fabrication Method of Holey Fibers and Optical Properties김길환; 조형수; 한영근, et al
2006-03A Novel Fabrication Method of Versatile Holey Fibers with Low Bending Loss and Their Optical Characteristics김길환; 한영근; 조형수, et al
2004-11A tunable linearly chirped fiber Bragg grating based 20 ~ 50 GHz pulse repetition rate multiplication of a 10 GHz pulse source이주한; 장유민; 한영근, et al
1999-07All-optical clock extraction using a semiconductor-fiber ring laser유봉안; 김동환; 김상혁, et al
2000-04An all-optical NOR logic device using a semiconductor optical amplifier and an external modulation technique변영태; 김상혁; 이석, et al
2004-03Analysis for long period fiber gratings using thermal kernel function배진호; 배준기; 김상혁, et al
1997-07Analysis of sidelobes and linewidth of fiber bragg gratingsYu Liu; 이상배; 김상혁, et al
2004-06Apodization of Linearly Chirped Fiber Gratings for Dispersion Compensation박제형; 최선민; 한영근, et al
2007-03Automatic EDFA Gain Spectrum Equalization Using LPFGs on Divided Coil Heaters배준기; 고동연; 김상혁, et al
2006-11Automatic EDFA gain spectrum equalization using LPFGs on divided coil heaters배준기; 고동연; 김상혁, et al
2005-11Bending Insensitive Holey Fibers for the FTTH김길환; 조형수; 한영근, et al
1997-03Bi-directional energy transfer process in Er3+-Tm3+-codoped fluorozirconate glasses조운조; 김명욱; 김상혁, et al
1988-04Birefringence measurement of polarization maintaining fibers by modified lateral force method.김상혁; 조재철; 최상삼
1997-08Calculation and interpretation of CW-FWM conversion efficiency in semiconductor optical amplifier고성윤; 김동환; 김상혁, et al
2014-02Characteristics of InGaas/GaAs/AlGaAs Double Barrier Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors박민수; 김호성; 양현덕, et al
2006-07Compensator for Dispersion and Dispersion Slope Using fiber Bragg gratings이영준; 배준기; 김철한, et al