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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-107-DOF Redundant Manipulator Control using Quaternion Feedback based on Virtual Spring-Damper Hypothesis김성균; 배지훈; 오용환, et al
2009-12A Walking Motion Imitation Framework of a Humanoid Robot by Human Walking Recognition from IMU Motion Data김성균; 홍석민; 김도익
2005-06An abutement screw loosening study of a diamond like carbon-coated CP titanium implant김성균; J.B.Lee; 곽재영, et al
2011-11Compliance Control of a Position Controlled Robotic Hand Using F/T sensor조준희; 김성균; 오용환, et al
2011-05Concurrent Control of Position/Orientation of a Redundant Manipulator based on Virtual Spring-Damper Hypothesis김성균; 배지훈; 오용환, et al
2012-08Contact Force Control of a Robotic Hand Using F/T Sensory Feedback with a Rigid Object조준희; 김성균; 오용환, et al
2011-11Development of a Multi-fingered Robotic Hand and Its Compliance Control using F/T Sensors at Fingertips김성균; 조준희; 오용환, et al
2013-11From Human Motion Analysis to Whole-Body Control of a Dual-Arm Robot for Pick-And-Place Tasks김성균; 이동현; 홍석민, et al
2013-11Grasping Force Control of a Robotic Hand based on a Torque-Velocity Transformation Using F/T Sensors with Gravity Compensation조준희; 김성균; 오용환, et al
2012-09Joint Torque Servo of a High Friction Robot Manipulator Based on Time-Delay Control with Feed-Forward Friction Compensation허성문; 김성균; 오용환, et al
2012-05Object Manipulation in 3D Space by Two Cone-shaped Finger Robots based on Finger-Thumb Opposability without Object Sensing김성균; 오용환; 오상록
2010-10Online Footprint Imitation of a Humanoid Robot by Walking Motion Parameterization김성균; 홍석민; 김도익, et al
2011-12Online Remote Control of a Robotic Hand Configurations Using sEMG Signals on a Forearm이한진; 김신정; 김기훈, et al
2009-07Real-time Control Method of Humanoid Robot for Human Motion Imitation김성균; 서은호; 김도익, et al
2009-10Real-time Motion Imitation Control of a Humanoid Robot with Non-real-time Motion Data김성균; 나성권; 김도익, et al
2014-09Robotic Handwriting: Multi-contact Manipulation based on Reactional Internal Contact Hypothesis김성균; 조준희; 오용환, et al
1992-09The modelling of rod growth during spray forming : transient state model이희춘; 나형용; 오규환, et al
2011-12-16볼-온-플레이트 시스템 균형 제어 장치 및 방법김성균; 류광현; 오용환