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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-01A 16-view TV system based on spatial joining of viewing zones손정영; Vadim V. Smirnov; 김경태, et al
2001-01A desktop autostereoscopic display with head-tracking capability손정영; Serger. A. Shestak; 김성식, et al
2001-08A full parallax three-dimensional imaging system based on a point light source array김성식; 손광훈; Vladimir Savaljev, et al
2001-02A part release scheme in single-stage multimachine systems이충수; 김성식; 최인철, et al
2005-05Analysis of color distortions in a transmission-type holograhic screenVladimir I. Bobrinev; 손정영; 김성식, et al
2001-07Bidirectional dyamic programming based disparity estimation and its application th the intermediate view reconstruction of 3D images배진환; 김성식; 손정영, et al
1989-01Development of simulator for optimal design of FMS.이충수; 이영해; 김성식
2001-02Edge-preserving disparity estimation and disparity-compensated intermediate view reconstruction for stereo images김성식; 손정영; Young Huh, et al
2001-06Feature-based disparity estimation for intermediate view reconstruction of multiveiw images김한성; 김성식; 손정영, et al
2000-07Forward disparity estimation and intermediate view reconstruction of 3D images using irregular triangle meshes김성식; 김미현; 임정은, et al
2011-05Fully room temperature fabricated TaOx thin film for non-volatile memory최선영; 김성식; 이전국
2000-05Holographic screens for 3 dimensional image projection손정영; Vladimir I. Bobrinev; 이혁수, et al
1999-02Non-glasses type stereoscopic display system based on polarization손정영; Vadim V. Smirnov; 천유식, et al
2001-03Printed 3D multi-view images김성식; 손광훈; V.V. Saveljev, et al
1999-03Simulation analysis of part release algorithm under dynamic tool allocation in SSMS이충수; 김성식; 노형민
2001-04Structure and physical properties of β-BBO grown by direct-Czochralski method김정돈; 염호남; 주기태, et al
2001-01The optical design and analysis for super-multivew three-dimensional imaging system김성식; Kwang-Hoon Sohn; Vladimir savaljev, et al
2000-02-21광파이버를 이용한 액정 디스플레이어의 후방 조명장치김성식; 바딤브이.스미르노프; 반지은, et al
2000-07-04액정표시판의 편광 특성을 이용한 입체영상 표시장치김성식; 반지은; 손정영