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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-051×2 MMI coupler by using a PinN InGaAsP/InP double heterostructure김성진; 박화선; 김선호, et al
1995-042단계 식각법을 이용한 실리콘 팁의 제작주병권; 오명환; 김성진, et al
1995-062단계 식각법을 이용한 전계방출소자용 실리콘 팁의 제작주병권; 오명환; 박흥우, et al
2004-01All-Optical Computing and Signal Processing Using Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Based Devices (Invited)이석; 김재헌; 김성진, et al
2020-11Automatic resonance tuning mechanism for ultra-wide bandwidth mechanical energy harvesting강종윤; 송현철; 김성진, et al
2015-11Beta­sheet­forming, self­assembled peptide nanomaterials towards optical, energy, and healthcare applications이준석; 김성진; 김재홍, et al
2013-06Catalytic transesterification reactions of one-dimensional coordination polymers containing paddle-wheel-type units connected by various bridging ligands황인홍; 조영단; 김현, et al
2020-10Clogged water bridges for fog harvesting문명운; 이상엽; 김성진, et al
2019-11Clogging-enhanced fog harvesting on the hole pattern문명운; 이상엽; 김성진, et al
2021-02Comparative study on the intrinsic NO2 gas sensing capability of triarylamine-based amorphous organic semiconductors권지언; 채희정; 황수지, et al
2013-07Composite oxygen-barrier coating on a polypropylene food container김성진; 송은경; 조경식, et al
2003-11Design and analysis of traveling-wave electrode for high speed electrooptic modulator김성진; 김재헌; 김선호, et al
2004-01Design of traveling-wave electrode of high speed P-p-n-N InGaAsP/InP optical modulator김성진; 김재헌; 김영일, et al
1995-11Diamond-전자 방출원의 제작과 특성 평가주병권; 오명환; 김성진, et al
2021-05Direct recovery of spilled oil using hierarchically porous oil scoop with capillary-induced anti-oil-fouling문명운; 김성진; 조서현, et al
2010-03Drop spreading on superhydrophilic microdecorated surface김성진; 문명운; 이광렬, et al
2021-06Enhancement of thermoelectric performance in a non-toxic CuInTe2/SnTe coated grain nanocomposite김정원; 황준필; 이민주, et al
2013-09Experimental study of drop spreading on textured superhydrophilic surfaces김성진; 김정철; 문명운, et al
2018-08Extremes of the pinch-off location and time in a liquid column by an accelerating solid sphere김성진; 김승호; 정승환
1995-07Fabrication and characterization of diode-type Si field emitter array박흥우; 주병권; 김성진, et al
1997-09Fabrication of polycrystalline diamond films for field emission applications주병권; 김성진; 박범수, et al
2004-11Fabrication of traveling wave type electro-optic quantum dot modulator옥성해; 손창완; 김성진, et al
2019-11Fluid dynamics in water exit김성진
2011-09Frictional behavior on wrinkle pattern of diamond-like carbon film on soft polymer김성진; 이광렬; 문명운
2012-03Frictional behavior on wrinkle patterns of diamond-like carbon films on soft polymer김성진; 윤주일; 문명운, et al
2011-10Frictional performance on nano-scale wrinkle pattern of diamond-like carbon film on PDMS(Polydimethysiloxane)김성진; 이광렬; 문명운
2004-12Gas Separation Membranes Containing Re6Se8(MeCN)6(2+) Cluster-Supported Cobalt-Porphyrin Complexes박수미; 원종옥; 이명진, et al
2011-06Graphene transfer using tilted nanohairy structures유디; 강성민; 김성진, et al
2013-09Hierarchical structures of AlOOH nanoflakes nested on Si nanopillars with anti-reflectance and superhydrophobicity유의선; 이헌주; 고태준, et al
2018-12High Electrical Conductivity of Nutrient Solution and Application of Methyl Jasmonate Promote Phenylpropanoid Production in Hydroponically Grown Agastache rugosa박재억; 김성진; 복권정, et al