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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-12A novel colorimetric aptasensor using gold nanoparticle for a highly sensitive and specific detection of oxytetracycline김연석; 김중현; 김인애, et al
2013-05A simple colorimetric assay for the detection of mercury ions based-on the interaction between mercyry ion specific ssDNA and catalytic magnetic nanoparticles김연석; 진성민; 김병찬, et al
2013-01A simple colorimetric assay for the detection of metal ions based on the peroxidase-like activity of magnetic nanoparticles김연석; 정종수
2008-06Analysis of the Toxic Mode of Action by Silver Nanoparticles Using Stress-Specific Bioluminescent Bacteria황이택; 이진형; 채윤주, et al
2012-01Antibacterial performance of TiO2 ultrafine nanopowder synthesized by a chemical vapor condensation method: Effect of synthesis temperature and precursor vapor concentration김연석; L.T. Linh; 박은석, et al
2010-12Antibacterial performance of TiO2 ultrafine nanopowders synthesized by chemical vapor condensation method김연석; 진성민; 레 투이 린, et al
2013-05Aptamer Cocktails for Signal Enhancement in E. coli Detection using Newly Isolated E. coli Binding DNA Aptamers김연석; 송민영; 정종수, et al
2014-04Aptamer cocktails: Enhancement of sensing signals compared to single use of aptamers for detection of bacteria김연석; 정진양; 송민영, et al
2011-08Aptamers-in-liposome for selective and multiplexed capturing of small organic compounds김연석; J.H. Niazi; 채윤주, et al
2005-02Characteristics of transparent conductive tin oxide thin films on PET substrate prepared by ECR-MOCVD김연석; 전법주; 주재백, et al
2013-05Continuous Monitoring of Hazardous Pollutants in Water using Receptor Immobilized Porous Membrane System김연석; 김병찬; 정종수
2013-06Detection of E. coli using Aptamer Cocktail Newly Isolated against E. coli김연석; 송민영; 정종수, et al
2011-08Gold Nanoparticle-Based Homogeneous Fluorescent Aptasensor for Multiplex Detection김연석; 정종수
2011-04Gold Nanoparticle-based Homogeneous Fluorescent Aptasensor for Multiplex Detection of Small Molecules김연석; 정종수
2011-04High Bactericidal Activity of TiO2 Potocatalytic Nanopowders Synthesized by a Chemical Vapor Condensation Method김연석; 레 투이 린; 박은석, et al
2010-10Homogeneous Colorimetric Assay of Oxytetracycline using DNA Aptamer Adsorbed Unmodified Gold Nanoparticles김연석; 김중현; 김인애, et al
2013-05Isolation and characterization of DNA aptamers against Escherichia coli using a bacterial cell-systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment approach김연석; 송민영; 정종수, et al
2012-09Isolation of ssDNA Aptamers for E. coli and Signal-Amplifying Aptamer Cocktails for E. coli Detection김연석; 송민영; 정종수, et al
2011-01Mercury Ion Detection based-on Organic-Inorganic or Bio-Inorganic Hybrid Nanomaterials박민성; 이지하; 이혜진, et al
2013-01One-step synthesis and properties of MnOx/TiO2 nanocomposites prepared by chemical vapor condensation process박은석; 진성민; 김연석, et al
2010-05Operationally simple colorimetric anti bacterial agents sensor using DNA aptamers and unmodified Gold Nanoparticles김연석; 김인애; 이수진, et al
2012-04Preparation and characterization of Mn2O3/TiO2 nanomaterials synthesized by combination of CVC and impregnation method with different Mn loading concentration박은석; ; 김연석, et al
2005-08Reaction gas composition dependence on the properties of SnO2 films on PET substrate by ECR-MOCVD김연석; 이중기
2013-05Signal Enhancement of E. coli Detection using E. coli Binding DNA Aptamer Cocktails김연석; 송민영; 정진양, et al
2010-06Simple Colorimetric Detection of Antibacterial Oxytetracycline using김연석; 김중현; 김인애, et al
2011-12Simple colorimetric or fluorescent analysis of small molecules based-on the interaction between DNA aptamers and unmodified gold nanoparticles김연석; S. Chin; 정종수
2012-11Simultaneous removal of phosphate and nitrate in wastewater using high-capacity anion-exchange resin김연석; 이영행; 안병렬, et al
2008-02Toxicity Analysis of Silver Nano-particles using Recombinant Bioluminescent Bacteria황이택; 이진형; 채윤주, et al
2012-11Visible-Light-Induced Bactericidal Activity of Vanadium-Pentoxide (V2O5)-Loaded TiO2 Nanoparticles김연석; 송민영; 박은석, et al
2012-08-07대장균에 특이적으로 결합하는 단일가닥핵산 앱타머 및 이를 이용한 대장균 검출방법김병찬; 김연석; 정종수