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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Application of supercritical water for green recycling of epoxy-based carbon fiber reinforced plastic박민; 정용채; 김재우, et al
2014-01Cytochrome P450-mediated metabolic alterations in preeclampsia evaluated byquantitative steroid signatures문주연; 문명희; 김기태, et al
1998-08Development and round robin test of Pt-Co alloy thin film standard materials for the quantification of surface compositional analysis김경중; 문대원; 한명섭, et al
2020-08Enhanced mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of polyimide nanocomposites incorporating individualized boron-doped graphene정용채; 김재우; 김영오, et al
2019-04Environmentally friendly, highly efficient Epoxy-based Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Green Recycling system using Supercritical water박민; 정용채; 김재우, et al
2016-10Environmentally-Friendly Recycling Technology of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers using Supercritical Fluid정용채; 하유미; 김영남
2011-12Extractive ethoxycarbonylation in high-temperature gas chromatography-mass spectrometry based analysis of serum estrogens문주연; 강세미; 문명희, et al
2021-09Fabrication of highly flexible electromagnetic interference shielding polyimide carbon black composite using hot-pressing method정용채; 김영남; Jinyoung Kim, et al
2021-01Flame retardant, antimicrobial, and mechanical properties of multifunctional polyurethane nanofibers containing tannic acid-coated reduced graphene oxide정용채; 김재우; 김영오, et al
2020-12Interfacial adhesion and self-healing kinetics of multi-stimuli responsive colorless polymer bilayers정용채; 남기호; 김영남, et al
2019-10Rapidly self-heating shape memory polyurethane nanocomposite with boron-doped single-walled carbon nanotubes using near-infrared laser정용채; 김재우; 김영오, et al
2020-05Recyclable, flame-retardant and smoke-suppressing tannic acid-based carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic정용채; 김재우; 김민국, et al
2019-06Shape Memory Assisted Self-Healing Polyurethane based on Polycarbonate박민; 정용채; 안석훈, et al