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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992-01A study on the microstructural characteristics of tungsten by boron addition.유명기; 최주; 김현태, et al
2004-01Aging Behavior and Effect of Heat Treatment on High Temperature Mechanical Properties in Ti-15V-3Al-3Cr-3Sn이재원; 이백희; 이규환, et al
2000-12Atomic-layer chemical-vapor-deposition of TiN thin films on Si(100) and Si(111)김영석; 전형탁; 김영도, et al
2002-06Bioactive surface modification by plasma spray coating process이규환; 이백희; 김영도
2008-04Characteristics of hydrogen co-doped ZnO:Al thin films이승훈; 이택성; 이경석, et al
2006-10Characteristics of nanostructured Fe-33 at.% Si alloy powders produced by high-energy ball milling김세훈; 이영중; 이백희, et al
2002-01Comparison of TiN and TiAlN as a diffusion barrier deposited by atomic layer deposition김주영; 김효겸; 김양도, et al
2007-06Compressive Behavior of 7xxx Series Al Composites Reinforced with Al2O3서영익; 민경호; 이규환, et al
2005-07Computer Simulation for Die Filling Behavior of Semi-Solid Slurry of Mg Alloy문중화; 김기배; 석현광, et al
2003-11Computer Simulations of High Pressure Diecasting Process of Al alloy for using a fusible salt core문중화; 김기배; 김영도, et al
2005-11Control of polymer dose in waterworks sludge treatment김태훈; 정승훈; 김영도, et al
1992-01Corrosion and oxidation properties of Ni-base superalloy KM 1557.유명기; 최주; 김현태, et al
2006-03Cyclic-oxidation of Ti3SiC2 and Ti3AlC2 between 900 and 1200 ℃ in air이동복; 한재호; 김영도, et al
2007-06Effect of Al2O3 Particle Size on Compressive Behavior of Al Composites서영익; 민경호; 이정중, et al
2004-03Effect of Bioactive Grade Surface on in vivo Behavior and Mechanical Stability in Titanium Based Implant Surface-Modified by Plasma Spray Coating and Chemical Treatments이백희; 김영도; 이규환
2008-08Effect of blocking layer by chemically induced surface barrier formation on xerographic properties서영익; 김대군; 김영도, et al
2005-10Effect of Grain Size on Nanostructured Fe-20 wt.%Si Alloy Powders Produced by High-Energy Ball Milling김세훈; 이영중; 이백희, et al
2009-10Effect of heat treatment of sputter deposited ZnO films co-doped with H and Al이승훈; 이택성; 이경석, et al
2007-02Effect of Nanoscale Multilayered Structurization on Hardness and Wear Resistance in Al-Cr-N Coating박종극; 정용화; 김영도, et al
2008-12Effect of surface structure on biomechanical properties and osseointegration이백희; 이창양; 김대군, et al
2012-10Effect of two-step sintering on optical transmittance and mechanical strength of polycrystalline alumina ceramics김형수; 김영도; 김상우
2007-07Effects of Amounts of Carbon Source and Infiltrated Si on the Porosity and Fracture Strength of Porous Reaction Bonded SiC윤성호; 풍니읏딴; 김영도, et al
2002-04Effects of heat-treatments on the microstructure and mechanical properties of biomedical Co-Cr-Mo(ASTM F75) alloy이백희; 김영도; 이규환
2001-06Effects of ordering transformation and grain size on the magnetic properties of Fe-Co alloy홍승수; 김대군; 김영도, et al
1997-01Enhanced densification for ball-milled MoSi2 powder김영도; 이승익; 유명기, et al
2004-08Fabrication and Mechanical properties of Sm2O3 doped CeO2 reinforced Ti3AlC2 nanocomposite한재호; 박상환; 김영도
2011-03Fabrication of Ag/Al(OH)3 mesoporous nanocomposite film서영익; 이영중; 김대군, et al
2008-09Fabrication of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Reaction Bonded SiC Composite Fabricated by a Molten Si Infiltration Method윤성호; Phung Nhut Tan; 조경선, et al
2007-01Fabrication of Nanostructured Fe-Co Alloy Powders by Hydrogen Reduction and Its Magnetic Properties이영중; 이백희; 김길수, et al
2009-02Fabrication Process of Hybrid Porous Structured Aluminum서영익; 박창원; 김대군, et al