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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-0539.1: A Novel Organic Thin Film Transistor Fabricated by Low-cost Process김종무; 이주원; 김영민, et al
2012-11A Fuzzy Intimacy Space Model to Develop Human-Robot Attitudinal Relationship김영민; 김문상; 권동수
1991-09A methylobacillus isolate growing only on methanol.김병홍; 김시욱; 김영민
2002-07Adsorption equilibria of toluene, dichloromethane, and trichloroethylene onto activated carbon fiber.박지원; 이상순; 최대기, et al
2004-10An advanced microchip with organic light emitting diode integrated on a microchannel for applications in the fluorescence detection김주환; 김영환; 김영민, et al
2013-06An injectable cell penetrable nano-polyplex hydrogel for localized siRNA delivery김영민; 박미란; 송수창
2003-12Analysis on Permeation Properties of Thin Composite Film for the Passivation Layer of OLED김광호; 김영민; 김재경, et al
2019-08Atomic and Electronic Reconstruction at the a-LAO/STO Interface by e-beam Induced Crystallization장혜정; 백승협; 이광엽, et al
2016-03Catalytic Copyrolysis of Cellulose and Thermoplastics over HZSM-5 and HY제정호; 김범식; 김영민, et al
2016-02Development of an Injectable Dopamine-conjugated Poly(organophophazene) Hydrogel for Hemostasis송수창; 김영민; 김창호, et al
2015-09Diamagnetic Shift of a InGaP-AlInGaP Semiconductor Single Quantum Well under Pulsed-magnetic FieldsBK Choi; 김영민; 송진동
2006-08Efficient organic light-emitting diodes by insertion a thin lithium fluoride layer with conventional structure김영민; 박영욱; 최진환, et al
2006-07Enhanced brightness and efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes with an LiF in the Alq3김영민; 이주원; 정재훈, et al
2016-09Enhanced thermoelectric performance of PEDOT:PSS/PANI-CSA polymer multilayer structures김희숙; 이혜정; Gopinathan Anoop, et al
2005-11Enhancement of Efficiency for White-Organic Light-Emitting Diode with a Thin Electron-Blocking Layer박정수; 이주원; 김영민, et al
1999-01Estimation of Young's modulus and apparent density of human trabecular bone by spherical indentation test and CT배태수; 이태수; 강승백, et al
2016-10Ex-situ catalytic pyrolysis of citrus fruit peels over mesoporous MFI and Al-MCM-41제정호; 김영민; 이형원, et al
1999-01Influence of impact angle on deformation in proximal femur during side falling이문규; 김병수; 조용균, et al
2012-07Injectable Polyplex Hydrogel for Localized and Long-Term Delivery of siRNA김영민; 박미란; 송수창
2016-02Injectable Ternary Nanocomplex Hydrogel for Long-Term Chemical Drug/Gene Dual Delivery송수창; 김영민; 김창호
2019-05Interfacial Reconstruction during E-beam Induced Crystallization at the a-LAO/STO Interface장혜정; 백승협; 이광엽, et al
2015-08Inverted Layer-By-Layer Fabrication of an Ultraflexible and Transparent Ag Nanowire/Conductive Polymer Composite Electrode for Use in High-Performance Organic Solar Cells김영민; 류태인; 옥기훈, et al
2016-11Investigation into the lignin decomposition mechanism by analysis of the pyrolysis product of Pinus radiata제정호; 김영민; 명소영, et al
2004-08Modification of Dielectric Surface in Organic Thin-Film Transistor with Organic Molecule김종무; 이주원; 김영민, et al
2015-10Pyrolysis and catalytic upgrading of Citrus unshiu peel김범식; 김영민; 제정호, et al
2018-09Real time observation of the interfacial reconstruction by layer-by-layer crystallization of the perovskite oxide heterointerface장혜정; 백승협; 김신익, et al
2007-02Spectral broadening in electroluminescence of white organic light-emitting diodes based on complementary colors김영민; 박영욱; 최진환, et al
2014-09Targetable micelleplex hydrogel for long-term, effective, and systemic siRNA delivery김영민; 송수창
1998-03The effects of osteonecrotic area on the stress in early osteonecrosis of femoral head강승백; 김영민; 김희중, et al
2004-04The fabrication and characterization of thin-film OLED integrated microchip김주환; 신경식; 김영민, et al