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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-12A study on the acid digestion bomb pretreatment method of fire retardant chemicals (DBDPE-Sb₂O₃) for the determination of antimony최종금; 박제안; 박경수, et al
1997-02A study on the analysis of histamine by spectrofluorimetry이재성; 김영상; 차기석, et al
1984-12A study on the analysis of oxy-sulfides and sodium formate in sodium dithionite.김선태; 김영상
1986-01A study on the correction of spectral line overlaps for the determination of rare earth elements by x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.김영만; 김영상; 박윤창, et al
2002-07A study on the determination of engine oils by proton induced X-ray emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry.박성우; 김재균; 김은호, et al
1997-05A study on the determination of N(NO2-), N(NO3-) and N(NH4+) in environmental samples by flow injection analysis이재성; 이희정; 김영상, et al
1997-01Application of capillary electrophoresis to determination of enzyme activity and other properties of phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C서무진; 김영상; 유영숙
1991-01Application of precipitate flotation technique to separative preconcentration and determination of arsenic in water samples.박상완; 최희선; 김영만, et al
2001-08Corrosion mechanism of reinforcing steel in ceramic mortar김영만; 이강봉; 조원일, et al
2001-11Determination 1,4-dioxane in drinking water by gas chromatograph/mass selective detector서민성; 박송자; 표희수, et al
1992-01Development of a bipolar pulse conductometric detector for environmental monitoring and electrochemical experiments.김선태; 김해동; 김택제, et al
2001-02Investigation of acids on the germanium analysis by HG-ICP-AES임현의; 이연희; 김선태, et al
1995-01Matrix modification for gaphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometric determination of volatile elements( Ⅲ ). Trace bismuth.김영상; 최종문; 김영만
2000-10Preconcentration and determination of trace cobalt and nickel by the adsorption of metal-PDC complexes on the anion-exchange resin suspension한철우; 인교; 최종문, et al
2001-12Pretreatment method for the analysis of platinum group metals김병희; 김영상; 김선태
1991-01Separation and concentration of trace mercury[Hg(II)] in water sample by coprecipitation flotation technique.김선태; 이강석; 최희선, et al
1985-01Studies on the simultaneous analysis of organo chlorine pesticide residues by gas-liquid chromatography (I). Solvent extraction and cleanup of pesticides.박송자; 김택제; 김영상
1985-01Studies on the simultaneous analysis of organo chlorine pesticide residues by gas-liquid chromatography (II). Quantitation of pesticides.박송자; 김택제; 김영상
2002-09Study of estimating disinfection efficiency(CT value) and optimizing chlorine dosage by tracer test현준호; 김영만; 김영상
2002-04Synthesis and selective tumor targeting properties of water soluble porphyrin-Pt(II) conjugates송릿다; 김영상; 손연수
2003-03Synthesis, biodistribution and antitumor activity of hematoporphyrin-platinum(II) conjugates.김영상; 송릿다; 김동현, et al
2001-11Synthesis, characterization and antitumor activity of quinolone-platinum( Ⅱ ) conjugates김영상; 김관묵; 송릿다, et al
2002-06Wettability and aging effect of polystyrene film treated by PSII according to the molecular weight김영수; 임현의; 한승희, et al
1983-01X-ray spectrometric analysis of Ta//2O//5, Nb//2O//5 and SnO//2 in tin slags using standard addition and dilution method.이동휘; 김영상
1990-01XRF and XRD analysis of chemical ingredients in dielectric material (BaTiO//3).김영만; 김선태; 이경미, et al
2004-12실용 X-선 형광분광분석법김영만; 김영상
2001-05-29암조직 지향성 수용성 포르피린 유도체, 그 제조방법 및용도김관묵; 김영상; 손연수, et al
1982-01원자흡수분광법의 이론과 응용 .김선태; 김영상