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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-05Antioxidant, antiapoptotic and antigenotoxic activities of the wild vegetable Crepidiastrum denticulatum in tert-butyl hydroperoxide-injured HepG2 cells강경수; 조은혜; 이희주, et al
2006-03Behavioral pattern of a monopolar passive direct methanol fuel cell stack김영진; 배병찬; M. Aulice Scibioh, et al
1999-05Biodegradation of TNT(2,4,6-trinitrotoluene) by stenotrophomonas maltophilia OK-5 in bench-scale bioreactors이명석; 김영진; O.S. Kwon, et al
2001-09Cationic lipid emulsion for gene therapy김영진; 김태우; 정혜선, et al
2004-08Cationic lipid emulsions containing heavy oils for the transfection of adherent cells유혁상; 권석민; 김영진, et al
2011-04Characteristics of the event mean concentration (EMC) from rainfall runff on an urban highway이주영; 김형준; 김영진, et al
2002-11Characteristics of the monopolar DMFC stack under passive feed conditions김영진; 이태희; 오인환, et al
2003-02Characterization of passive direct methanol fuel cells고백균; 김영진; 오인환, et al
1998-10Detection and identification of substituted nitrotoluenes as intermediates of bacterial degradation of TNT김영진; 김승기; 오계헌
1999-01Development of life prediction program for high pressure turbine rotor for power generation김현수; 김영진; 서명원, et al
2004-08Dye-sensitized nanocrystalline solar cells based on composite polymer electrolytes containing fumed silica nanoparticles김종학; 강문성; 김영진, et al
2005-02Dye-sensitized solar cells based on composite solid polymer electrolytes강문성; 김종학; 김영진, et al
2014-04Effect of Alkali Metal Nitrates on the Ru/C-catalyzed Ring Hydrogenation of m-Xylylenediamine to 1,3-Cyclohexanebis(methylamine)김영진; 이재혁; Vania Tanda Widyaya, et al
1999-06Effect of various physicochemical factors on the biodegradation of explosive 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene by stenotrophomonas maltophilia김영진; 이명석; 조윤석, et al
2015-02Geometrical implication of ion transporters employing an ellipsoidal hollow structure in pseudo-solid electrolytes김영진; 박종혁; 정지훈, et al
2005-07Hepatocyte Adhesion on a Poly[N-p-vinylbenzyl-4-O-β-D-galactopyranosyl-D-glucoamide]-Coated Poly(L-lactic acid) SurfaceJae sung Lee; 김상헌; 김영진, et al
2002-07In vitro gene transfer using a cationic lipid emulsion containing oil with high specific gravity권석민; 김영진; 정혜선, et al
2012-07Ionic-Liquid-Derived, Water-Soluble Ionic Cellulose휴옌 딴 보; 김영진; 전은희, et al
2014-11Metal catalyst-assisted growth of GaN nanowires on graphene films for flexible photocatalyst applications박준범; 김남정; 김영진, et al
2014-01Nitrile-functionalized tertiary amines as highly efficient andreversible SO2absorbents홍성윤; 김희환; 김영진, et al
2005-02Poly(butyl acrylate)/NaI/I2 electrolytes for dye-sensitized nanocrystalline TiO2 solar cells김종학; 강문성; 김영진, et al
1999-12Precipitation and cloud cover on high ozone days김영성; 김영진; 윤순창
2005-05Roles of terminal groups of oligomer electrolytes in determining photovoltaic performances of dye-sensitized solar cells강문성; 김영진; 원종옥, et al
2015-06Sea-Urchin-Inspired 3D Crumpled Graphene Balls Using Simultaneous Etching and Reduction Process for High-Density Capacitive Energy Storage이장열; 이광훈; 김영진, et al
2002-07Simplified the general transefection protocol using the new heavy cationic emulsion system권석민; 김영진; 정혜선, et al
2003-02Simulation of direct methanol fuel cells employing computational fiuid dynamics(CFD)김영진; 이태희; 오인환, et al
2004-10Supramolecular Electrolytes for Use in Highly Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells김영진; 김종학; 강문성, et al
2003-02The effects of serum on the stability and the transfection activity of the cationic lipid emulsion with various oils.김영진; 김태우; 정혜선, et al
2002-07The role of non-ionic surfactanst on cationic lipid mediated gene transfer김태우; 김영진; 정혜선, et al
2002-07Transfer and retention of the DNA/carrier complexes to hepatocellular carcinoma using lipiodol홍정완; 김영진; 윤창진, et al