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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-09An Integrated Bio Cell Processor for Single박정렬; 정승환; 김영호, et al
2004-04An Integrated Cell Processor for Single Embryo Cell Manipulation박정렬; 정승환; 김영호, et al
2003-10Autonomous biomanipulation factory for manipulating individual embryo cells김병규; 김덕호; 박정렬, et al
2010-05Climate response to a volcanic eruption in an offline climate-chemistry modeling system문병권; 윤대옥; 박록진, et al
2009-06Design and analysis of omni-directional linear piezoelectric actuator정우석; 강종윤; 김정도, et al
2004-12Design and fabrication of an integrated cell processor for single embryo cell manipulation박정렬; 정승환; 김영호, et al
1993-08Development of computer aided ispection system with CMM for integrated mold manufacturing.홍예선; 김영호; 박희재, et al
2004-09Droplet-based Magnetically Activated Cell Separation김영호; 홍 수; 김병규, et al
2012-02Effect of plasma etching on photoluminescence of SnOx/Sn nanoparticles deposited on DOPC lipid membrane안현환; 이승재; 백승하, et al
2000-01Effect of sputtering input power on structural inhomegeneities in as-sputtered Fe-Hf-N thin films김기현; 김영호; 김종렬, et al
2010-05Effects of future climate change on air quality over East Asia박록진; 윤대옥; 문병권, et al
2010-05Effects of sulfate aerosols on the East Asian climate in a CGCM김원모; 김영호; 예상욱, et al
2011-03Electrochemical albumin sensing based on silicon nanowires modified by gold nanoparticles권대훈; 안현환; 김희수, et al
2007-12Giant magnetoimpedence effects in micro-patterned Co52Fe32B11Si5 amorphous ribbons박선희; 천동원; 한준현, et al
2010-02Impacts of Siberian forest fire aerosols on meteorology over East Asia in May 2003윤대옥; 박록진; 정지훈, et al
2020-10Proteasome Activity in the Plasma as a Novel Biomarker in Mild Cognitive Impairment with Chronic Tinnitus김윤경; 윤예진; 이상연, et al
2012-12Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of tri-substituted thiazoles as RAGE antagonists for the treatment of Alzeheimer's disease이윤석; 김희; 김영호, et al
2000-01The magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Fe-Co(Cr)- Hf-N thin films김기현; 김영호; 김종렬, et al
2000-01Thickness effect on magnetic properties in nanocrystalline Fe-Hf-N thin films김기현; 김영호; 김종렬, et al
2004-09Three-dimensional reconstruction of human femur using consecutive computer tomography images and simulated implantation system김영호; 김중규; 최귀원
2004-04-13물방울형 세포 부유액을 이용한 세포 분리 장치강유리; 김병규; 김영호, et al
1991-01박막의 미세조직이 구리박막의 미세선 형성에 미치는 영향 .나종갑; 정경태; 김영호
2003-06-04세포 조작을 위한 스마트 피펫과 스마트 피펫을 이용한 세포 조작 방법 및 그 시스템김덕호; 김병규; 김영호, et al
1992-05자유곡면을 위한 CAD 지향 측정시스템 .홍예선; 박희재; 김영호