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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04Aminostyrylbenzofuran Directly Reduces Oligomeric Amyloid-β and Reverses Cognitive Deficits in Alzheimer Transgenic Mice이상현; 김영수; 김혜연, et al
2010-07Amyloidogenesis targeting small molecule as a drug candidate김영수; 변성림; 김혜연, et al
1997-04Analysis of electric field distribution and tunneling currents for field emitter array정재훈; 김영훈; 이병호, et al
2009-12Antioxidant and Aldo-keto reductase family 1 B10 Inhibition Activities of Korean Local Plant Extracts판철호; 이주영; 송대근, et al
2011-10Biological activities of alcohol extracts of some plants collected from Saudi Arabia이주영; 배덕성; 김영훈, et al
2002-09Carbon electrodes for electric double layer capacitor prepared by growth of carbon nanotubes directly on stainless steel plates박달근; 김영훈; 이중기, et al
1996-12CdZnTe를 이용한 HgCdTe 표면의 passivation에 관한 연구이태석; 최경구; 정용택, et al
2016-01Comparison of the Wound-Healing Effects of Ginsenosides, their Metabolites, and Aglycones박준연; 유환; 이다혜, et al
2009-01Deletion of N-type Ca2+ channel Cav2.2 results in hyperaggressive behaviors in mice김찬기; 전대종; 김영훈, et al
2016-08Detecting Voluntary Gait Intention of Chronic Stroke Patients towards Top-Down Rehabilitation Using EEG이종민; 김승종; 김형민, et al
2015-08Detection of Neuromuscular Response in Gait Perturbation: A Potential Application in Overground Gait Rehabilitation최준혁; 정상훈; 김영훈, et al
2015-05EEG-based Gait Intention Recognition for Stroke Rehabilitation최준혁; 김형민; 이종민, et al
1994-01Effect of ischemic preconditioning on the oxygen free radical production in the post-ischemic reperfused heart.박종완; 김영훈; 엄창섭, et al
2002-10Effects of substrate surface pretreatment on the growth of carbon nanotubes by PECVD박달근; 김영훈; 이중기
2016-05ElectromyogramActivation Patterns of Vastus Medialis and Tibialis Anterior about Sit-to-stand and Stand-to-sitWearing Lower-limb Exoskeleton황요하; 이종민; 김승종, et al
2015-08Feature Extraction Methods Using Lower-limb Electromyogram Signals for Intention Recognition of Gait Initiation정상훈; 김영훈; 김형민, et al
2007-10Fluorination of Ceramic Membrane for the Control of Surface Property오석일; 김남동; 주지봉, et al
2016-05Gait Initiation/Termination Intention Recognition from EEG이종민; 김승종; 김형민, et al
2015-12Gait intention Recognition from EEG using Common Spatial Patterns최준혁; 강효림; 정상훈, et al
2015-05Gait Parameter Estimation with Electro-Goniometers on Lower Limb joints정상훈; 김영훈; 김형민, et al
2002-03Growth of carbon nanotubes on metal substrates by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition박달근; 김영훈; 이중기, et al
2012-02Hierarchical Nanoflake Surface Driven by Spontaneous Wrinkling of Polyelectrolyte/Metal Complexed Films김영훈; 이용만; 이준영, et al
2011-03Highly Interconnected Porous Electrodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Viruses as a Sacrificial Template이용만; 김영훈; 이준행, et al
2010-02Histone deacetylase inhibitors decrease the antigen presenting activity of murine bone marrow derived dendritic cells김은선; 김영훈; 배덕성, et al
2013-12Immune-stimulating Effects of Polygonum aviculare L. Extract on Macrophages전창배; 김영훈; Dulamjav Batsuren, et al
2014-12Immune-stimulatory Effects of Fomes fomentarius Extract in Murine Macrophages김영훈; 박은규; Dulamjav Batsuren, et al
2013-11In vivo anti-obesity effects of Phaeodactylum tricornutum김정화; 김영훈; 김상민, et al
2009-07KMS88009 and KMS88016 as small molecule inhibitors for in vivo Ab fibril formation김영수; 변지훈; 류지연, et al
2010-04Multivariate classification of urine metabolome profiles for breast cancer diagnosis김영훈; 구임회; 정병화, et al
2009-11Multivariate classification of urine metabolome proflies for breast cancer diagnosis김영훈; 구임회; 정병화, et al