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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-02A portable power-pack fueled by carbonsilane-based chemical hydrides김용민; 윤창원; 한원식, et al
2002-04Adsorption dynamics of toluene in an activated carbon fiber bed박지원; 이영환; 최대기, et al
2002-04Adsorption of toxic acid gas using impregnated activated arbon fibers김현진; 이영환; 장성철, et al
2013-11Autothermal reforming of iso-octane and gasoline over Rh-based catalysts: Influence of CeO2/γ-Al2O3-based mixed oxides on hydrogen production정연규; 김용민; 이대형, et al
2014-04Catalytic Hydrogen Production via Dry Reforming of Methane Over Ni/Ce0.65Hf0.25M0.1O2-δ (M = Tb, Sm, Nd, Pr and La)하씨니; 이대형; 김용민, et al
1996-01Comparison of local equilibrium model and trnasfer model for prediction of PSA performance.나병기; 송형근; 서성섭, et al
2011-05Demonstration of a 20 W class high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack with novel fabrication of a membrane electrode assembly이혜진; 김병각; 이동훈, et al
2011-08Development of 1 kW SOFC power package for dual-fuel operation김용민; 홍성안; 남석우, et al
2010-09Development of 1kW SOFC Power Generation System for Dual-fuel Operation남석우; 김용민; 홍성안, et al
2013-05Development of a continuous hydrogen generator fueled by ammonia borane for portable fuel cell applications김용민; 김유종; 여신영, et al
2009-11Development of a NaBH4 Hydrogen Storage System for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle남석우; 김용민; 조은애, et al
2005-08Diluted magnetic semiconductor of p-type InMnP:Zn epilayer손윤; H.C. Jeon; Y.S. Park, et al
2010-10Effects of low hydrocarbons on the solid oxide fuel cell anode윤상호; 김용민; 김선영, et al
2010-12Electrically induced conducting nanochannels in an amorphous resistive switching niobium oxide film정규호; 김용민; 정웅, et al
2014-04Enhanced oxygen storage capacity of Ce0.65Hf0.25M0.1O2-δ (M = rare earth elements): Applications to methane steam reforming with high coking resistance하씨니; 이대형; 정지훈, et al
2012-06In Situ Analyses of Carbon Dissolution into Ni-YSZ Anode Materials김용민; 김정현; 배중면, et al
2011-11In Situ Analysis on Carbon Infiltration into Ni-YSZ Cermet Anode of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell김용민; 윤창원; 남석우
2013-01Influence of Terbium Doping on Oxygen Storage Capacity of Ceria-Zirconia Supports: Enhanced Durability of Ni Catalysts for Propane Steam ReformingDasika Harshini; 김용민; 남석우, et al
2013-12Metal-free, polyether-mediated H2-release from ammonia borane: roles of hydrogen bonding interactions in promoting dehydrogenation김용민; 백현재; 이진희, et al
2004-12Optical and magnetic properties of Mn+-implanted GaAs손윤; Y.S. Park; K.J. Chung, et al
2014-05Portable ammonia-borane-based H2 power-pack for unmanned aerial vehicles서정은; 김유종; 김용민, et al
2014-12Promotional effects of oxygen-containing additives on ammonia borane dehydrogenation for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell applications여신영; 김용민; 이진희, et al
2014-01Rh-Ni and Rh-Co Catalysts for Autothermal Reforming of Gasoline정연규; 이대형; 김용민, et al
2011-09Silane-based hydrogen storage materials for fuel cell application: Hydrogen release via methanolysis and regeneration by hydride reduction from organosilanes한원식; 김태진; 김성관, et al
2011-09Steam Reforming of Biogas on Nickel Fiber Mat Catalysts부이 티 프옹 퀸; 김용민; 윤창원, et al
2015-07Steam Reforming of Biogas over CeO2-Coated Ni?Al Plate CatalystsQuynh Thi Phuong Bui; 김용민; 뉴옌 히엔, et al
2015-05Steam reforming of simulated biogas over plate Ni Cr catalysts:Influence of pre-oxidation on catalytic activityQuynh Thi Phuong Bui; 김용민; 윤성필, et al
2010-06Study of the carbon infiltration into Ni-YSZ cermet under methane김용민; 남석우
2007-01Temperature dependence of high- and low-resistance bistable states in polycrystalline NiO films정규호; 서홍우; 김용민, et al
2007-09Temperature Dependence of Resistance Switching in Cr doped SrZrO3 thin films김무영; 김형상; 김용민, et al