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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-04Application of pervaporation and membrane hybrid process in olefin/paraffin separation from C//5 mixtures.김성현; 김용진; 한만석, et al
2019-08Boosting Fuel Cell Durability under Shut-Down/Start-Up Conditions using Hydrogen Oxidation-Selective Metal-Carbon Hybrid Core-Shell Catalyst유성종; 최대일; 장정희, et al
2003-05Catalytic oxidative carbonylation of amines in the presence of imidazolium alkylselenites김용진; 김훈식; 진종식
2003-05Delelopment of facilitated transport membranes for the separation of diene from C//5 mixtures.김성현; 김용진; 손승준, et al
2010-06Design and characterization of an improved screw-assisted rotary feeding system for aerosolization of ultra-small quantities of particulate solids이강수; 정재희; 길상인, et al
2013-04Design of EUV Mirror Using ZrN/Si Thin Films김용수; 성하민; 김용진, et al
2001-09Effect of AC frequency on electrical agglomeration of liquid aerosol particles지준호; 황정호; 배귀남, et al
2003-10Effect of Cu(I) for Isoprene Separation by Adsorption via π-Complexation손승준; 최대기; 김승욱, et al
2002-05Effect of plasticizers on the formation of silver nanoparticles in polymer electrolyte membranes for olefin/paraffin separationBinoy Jose; 류재희; 김용진, et al
2001-08Experimental study on electrical agglomeration of liquid particles in an alternating electric field지준호; 황정호; 배귀남, et al
2001-03Experimental study on electrical agglomeration of liquid particles in an alternating electric field지준호; 황정호; 배귀남, et al
2001-04Facilitated olefin transport by reversible olefin coordination to silver ions in a dry cellulose acetate membrane류재희; 이현주; 김용진, et al
2003-05Fixation of nanosized proton transport channels in membranes.원종옥; 박혜헌; 김용진, et al
2003-06Imidazolium and phosphonium alkylselenites for the catalytic oxidative carbonylation of amines : mechanistic studies김훈식; 김용진; 진종식
2003-06Imidazolium and phosphonium alkylselenites for the catalytic wxidative carbonylation of amines : mechanistic studies.김훈식; 김용진; 배진용, et al
2002-11Ionic liquids containing anionic selenium species : applications for the oxidative carbonylation of aniline김훈식; 김용진; 이현주, et al
2003-05Isoprene separations by π-complexation from C//5 mixtures.손승준; 최대기; 김훈식, et al
1997-05Mechanistic studies on the Cu-catalyzed oxidative carbonylation of cyclohexylamine김용진; 이현주; 권영수, et al
2016-02Novel electrostatic precipitator using unipolar soft X-ray charger for removing fine particles: Application to a dry de-NOX process최정안; 김학준; 김용진, et al
2014-01One pot catalytic NO2 reduction, ring hydrogenation, and N-alkylation from nitroarenes to generate alicyclic amines using Ru/C-NaNO2오승건; Vivek Mishra; 조진규, et al
1999-08Oxidative carbonylation of amines by selenium compounds김용진; 이현주; 김훈식, et al
1997-10Oxidative carbonylation of amines by SeO ₂ : Effect of akali metal salt김용진; 이현주; 김훈식, et al
1999-01Oxidative carbonylation of aromatic amines by selenium compounds.김훈식; 김용진; 이현주, et al
2004-05Particle charging and agglomeration in DC and AC electrical fields지준호; 황정호; 배귀남, et al
2019-05Properties of a rare earth free L10-FeNi hard magnet developed through annealing of FeNiPC amorphous ribbons서진유; 김지혜; 김수민, et al
2000-04Reactive polymer membranes containing cuprous complexes in olefin/paraffin separation김용진; 김훈식; 김영희, et al
2001-09Reversible olefin coordination to silver ions in dry cellulose acetate membrane for facilitated olefin transport김용진; 류재희; 김훈식
2001-10Reversible olefin coordination to silver ions in facilitated olefin transport polymer membranes김훈식; 김용진; 류재희, et al
2000-09SeO₂-catalyzed oxidative carbonylation amines in the presence of alkali metal carbonate김훈식; 김용진; 이현주, et al
2003-06Solid polymer electrolytes for dye-sensitized solar cells.김종학; 강문성; 김용진, et al