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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-053rd order nonlinear optical properties of Au:SiO2 nanocomposite films with varying Au particle size전희선; 이경석; 윤승현, et al
2005-05A nonvolatile memory based on reversible phase changes between fcc and hcp안동호; 강대환; 정병기, et al
2011-09A tunable rotational energy harvester for low frequency vibration장선준; 김인호; 정형조, et al
2015-01Advances in 2D/3D Printing of Functional Nanomaterials and Their ApplicationsJea-Young Choi; Sayantan Das; N. David Thodore, et al
1989-12An automated process selection and sequencing method in computer-aided process planning조규갑; 김인호; 노형민
2011-05An energy harvesting system using the wind-induced vibration of a stay cable for powering a wireless sensor node정형조; 김인호; 장선준
2006-09An experimental investigation on the switching reliability of a phase change memory device with an oxidized TiN electrode강대환; 김인호; 정증현, et al
2014-05An insight into grain refinement mechanism of ultrananocrystalline diamond films obtained by direct current plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition이학주; 조정민; 김인호, et al
2004-07Annealing effect of Zn-Sn-O films deposited using combinatorial method고지훈; 김인호; 김동환, et al
2012-08Artificial Pore Control of Co-Based SiC-MgO Composite Catalysts for Synthetic Fuel Production염희철; 김인호; 문동주, et al
2016-05Asymmetric back contact nanograting design for thin c-Si solar cells김인호; 정두석; 이욱성, et al
2014-09BIPV design using the Si nanostructures for greenhouse applications이택성; 김원목; 이경석, et al
2011-05Broadband energy-harvesting using a two degree-of-freedom vibrating body김인호; 정형조; 이보미, et al
2014-02Carbon nanoflake growth from carbon nanotubes by hot filament chemical vapor depositionSubasa C. Sahoo; Dipti R. Mohapatra; 이학주, et al
2015-10Catalytic activity for oxygen reduction reaction on platinum-based core-shell nanoparticles: all-electron density functional theoryJungho Shin; 최정혜; Pil-Ryung Cha, et al
2016-09Chameleonic electrochemical metallization cells: dual-layer solid electrolyte-inducing various switching behaviours박종극; 김인호; 정두석, et al
2001-04Characteristics of noble metal catalysts for catalytic combustible gas sensors김인호; 김철; 서동진
2007-09Characteristics of phase change memory devices based on Ge-doped SbTe and its derivative정병기; 정증현; 이수연, et al
2008-10Comparison of electrical properties between ZnO and Ga-doped ZnO nanoclusters for gas sensor application김인호; 김경원; 송용원, et al
2008-09Density-of-state effective mass and non-parabolicity parameter of impurity doped ZnO thin films김원목; 김인호; 고지훈, et al
2005-08Dielectric confinement and surface plasmon damping in Au : semiconductor nanocomposite thin films이경석; 김인호; 이택성, et al
2004-07Dielectric confinement and surface plasmon damping in Au:semiconductor nanocomposite thin films이경석; 김인호; 이택성, et al
2012-02Effect of annealing on bulk heterojunction organic solar cells based on copper phthalocyanine and perylene derivative김인호; Ghassan E. Jabbour
2006-09Effect of fluorine addition on transparent and conducting Al doped ZnO films김인호; 이경석; 이택성, et al
2009-07Effect of molecular packing on interfacial recombination of organic solar cells based on palladium phthalocyanine and perylene derivatives김인호; Hanna M. Haverinen; Zixing Wang, et al
2015-12Effect of Processing Parameters on the Formation of Large Area Self-Assembled Monolayer of Polystyrene Beads by a Convective Self-Assembly Method서안나; 최지환; 변재철, et al
2005-06Effect of the addition of Zn metal on the electrical properties of F doped ZnO films구대영; 김인호; 이경석, et al
2006-03Effects of nitrogen addition on the properties of Ge-doped SbTe phase change memory material정병기; 김인호; 정한주, et al
2006-01Effects of ZnO addition on electrical and structural properties of amorphous SnO2 thin films고지훈; 김인호; 김동환, et al
2009-09Efficient Organic Solar Cells Based on Planar Metallophthalocyanines김인호; Hanna M. Haverinen; Zixing Wang, et al