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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-12CdZnTe를 이용한 HgCdTe 표면의 passivation에 관한 연구이태석; 최경구; 정용택, et al
1998-07Current status and technology of the HgCdTe IR detector in Korea김재묵; 이희철; 서상희
1990-01Effect of Cd-annealing on the ir transactions of CdTe wafers grown by the bridgman method.서상희; W. J. Kim; 박만장, et al
1990-01Effect of Hg-annealing at different temperatures on the electrical properties of LPE grown Hg0.8Cd0.2Te.서상희; 최종술; 정용택, et al
1991-01Effect of misorientation of(111) CdTe substrate on the surface morphology of Hg0.7Cd0.3Te grown by an LPE process.서상희; 곽노정; 임성욱, et al
1988-01Effect of the growth rate on the dislocation density and distribution of CdTe single crystals grown by a vertical bridgman method.서상희; 송원준; 임성욱, et al
1998-07Electrical properties of MIS device on CdZnTe/HgCdTe이태석; 정용택; H.K. Kim, et al
1990-01Evolution of surface morphology during LPE growth of Hg0.7Cd0.3Te.서상희; 임성욱; 김재묵, et al
1998-12In-situ Doped Multilayer MOVPE HgCdTe Growth and Photodiode Fabrication송종형; 정관욱; 김진상, et al
1990-01LPE growth of Hg0.80Cd0.20Te.서상희; 최종술; 우병일, et al
1992-01Material characteristics of CdTe and Cd0.96Zn0.04Te single crystals grown by modified bridgman technique.서상희; 김진상; 김재묵
1998-07Monolithic two-color detector for short and middle wavelength IR using p-HgCdTe/N-HgCdTe/CdTe/GaAs박승만; 김재묵; 송종형, et al
1998-12n situ Growth of p-HgCdTe/N-HgCdTe/CdTe/GaAs Epilayer and Fabrication of Two Color Infrared Detector박승만; 김흥국; 김재묵, et al
1992-01Slider liquid phase epitaxial growth of Hg08.Cd0.2Te, Hg0.7Cd0.3Te and Hg0.3Cd0.7Te with precise control of alloy compositions.서상희; 문성욱; 김진상, et al
1994-01Surface morphology and growth rate of Hgl-xCdxTe grown by MOVPE on (100)GaAs.서상희; 임성욱; 송종형, et al
1992-01The effect of dislocation density of CdTe(CdZnTe) substrated on the dislocation density and distribution of LPE grown Hg0.7Cd0.3Te.서상희; 임성욱; 김재묵, et al
1992-01The effect of lattice mismatch on the dislocation density and distribution in LPE-grown HgCdTe/CdTe(CdZnTe) hetero-junction.서상희; 임성욱; 곽노정, et al
1995-01Vertical bridman techniques to homogenize zinc composition of CdZnTe substrates.서상희; T. S. Lee; S. B. Lee, et al
1992-01X-TEM study of the distribution and origion of misfit dislocations in LPE-grwon HgCdTe/CdTe(CdZnTe).서상희; 임성욱; 김재묵, et al