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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-06A constraint-based inference system for satisfying design constraints차주헌; 이인호; 김재정
2007-12Acceleration effect of CuCN in Ag electrodeposition for metal interconnection조성기; 이종균; 김수길, et al
2007-10Acceleration Effect of CuCN in Ag Electroplating for Ultralarge-Scale Interconnects조성기; 이종균; 김수길, et al
2003-10An integrated inference architecture for machine tools design involving complex knowledge.이인호; 차주헌; 박면웅, et al
2000-10Computer-aided innovative mechanical design framework차주헌; 이인호; 김재정
1997-05Constraint satisfaction algorithm in constraint network using simulated annealing method차주헌; 이인호; 김재정
1997-09Constraint satisfaction algorithm in constraint network using simulated annealing method차주헌; 이인호; 김재정
1998-11Constraint satisfaction system considering under-constrained problems차주헌; 이인호; 김재정
2004-12Coordinate Determination for Texture Mapping using Camera Calibration Method정관웅; 이윤영; 하성도, et al
2007-04Copper Electrodeposition for Semiconductor Interconnection김수길; 김재정
2008-08Copper Interconnection for Microelectronics김수길; 김재정
2007-06Cu Metallization for Giga Level Devices Using Electrodeposition김수길; 강민철; 구효철, et al
1998-11Development of inference system to handle complex design information이인호; 차주헌; 김재정
2006-07Electrochemical porosimetry: Deconvolution of distribution functions송현곤; 장종현; 김재정, et al
2010-12Electrochemical preparation of Pt-based ternary alloy catalyst for direct methanol fuel cell anode안상현; 권오중; 김수길, et al
2012-07Electrodeposited Ni dendrites with high activity and durability for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline water electrolysis안상현; 황승준; 유성종, et al
2011-11Electrodeposited Ni Dendrites with High Activity and Durability for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Water Electrolysis안상현; 황승준; 유성종, et al
2012-04Hydrogen Production by Electrodeposited Ni Dendrites with High Activity and Durability in Alkaline Water Electrolysis안상현; 황승준; 유성종, et al
2002-09Inference system for complex mechanical design knowledge차주헌; 이인호; 박면웅, et al
2011-10Morphological effect of electrodeposited Ni catalyst for hydrogen production by water electrolysis안상현; 황승준; 최인수, et al
2000-09Optimum design of suspension systems using a genetic algorithm이덕희; 김태수; 김재정
2008-10Preparation of Pt-Ru-Co ternary catalyst on carbon paper for PEMFC with electrodeposition and galvanic displacement안상현; 김수길; 권오중, et al
2008-05Silver Direct Electrodeposition on Ru Thin Films구효철; 조성기; 이창화, et al
2014-03Synthesis of an Active and Stable Ptshell-Pdcore/C Catalyst for the Electro-oxidation of Methanol최인수; 안상현; Myeong Ho Kim, et al
2004-05Synthesis of Mechanical Structures Using a Genetic Algorithm이인호; 차주헌; 김재정
2004-05Synthesis of mechanical structures using a genetic algorithm박면웅; 이인호; 차주헌, et al
2009-10The electrochemical preparation of CoPtRu catalyst having enhanced carbon monoxide tolerance안상현; 김수길; 권오중, et al
2008-04The influence of thiourea on copper electrodeposition: Adsorbate identification and effect on electrochemical nucleation강무성; 김수길; 김기호, et al
2009-01Thin film silver deposition by electroplating for ULSI interconnect applications서준모; 조성기; 구효철, et al
2008-01Two-Step Filling in Cu Electroless Deposition Using a Concentration-Dependent Effect of 3-N,N-dimethylaminodithiocarbamoyl-1-propanesulfonic Acid이창화; 김애림; 김수길, et al