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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-03A study on the effect of Si content on corrosion-wear behaviors of diamond-like carbon films in the simulated body fluid environment김호건; 김우중; 김정구, et al
2004-04A Study on the Electrochemical Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Films Deposited on STS 316L for Artificial Hip Joints김호건; 안승호; 김정구, et al
2000-05Biodegradable bone cement for bone ingrowth: preparation and physical properties김정구; 박기동; 김수현, et al
2005-01Corrosion Performance of Diamond-like Carbon (DLC)-coated Ti Alloy in the simulated body Fluid Environment김호군; 안승호; 김정구, et al
2005-07Corrosion-Wear Behaviors of Si-Incorporated Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings Deposited on STS 316L for Artificial Hip Joints김우중; 김호건; 김정구, et al
2011-06Direct-Current Treatment as a Safe Sterilization Method for Electrospun Biodegradable Polymer김혜리; 이정현; 이미희, et al
2005-08Effect of Si-incorporation on Wear-corrosion Properties of Diamond-like Carbon Films김호군; 안승호; 김정구, et al
2009-07Effect of Stress on the Passivation of Si-DLC Coating as Stent Materials in Simulated Body EnvironmentN. D. Nam; S. H. Lee; 김정구, et al
2013-09Effect of Surface Area on the Corrosion Properties of Magnesium for Biomaterials김우철; 한권훈; 김정구, et al
2011-08Effect of surface area on the corrosion properties of magnesium for biomaterials한형섭; 김영율; 석현광, et al
2004-02Effect of the number of ECAP pass time on the electrochemical properties of 1050 Al alloys정민경; 최윤석; 김정구, et al
2008-03Effects of plastic strain of diamond-like carbon coated stainless steel on the corrosion behavior in simulated body fluid environment최헌웅; 이광렬; 박세준, et al
2005-02Electrochemical Behavior of Diamond-like Carbon Films for Biomedical Applications김호건; 양승호; 김정구, et al
2003-08Electrochemical characteristics of ECAPed 1050 Al alloy.정민경; 최윤석; 김정구, et al
1999-04Improvement of the efficiency of magnesium sacrificial anode for the buried pipelines이준엽; 이덕열; 구세진, et al
2011-08In vivo and vitro corrosion measurements of biodegradable magnesium by EIS technique김영율; 한형섭; 김우철, et al
2008-10In vivo corrosion measurements of magnesium for biomaterials by EIS electrochemical technique김정구; 김우철; 박인준, et al
2008-07Influence of Ca on the corrosion properties of magnesium for biomaterials김우철; 김정구; 이지영, et al
2008-03Instability of Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) Films during Sliding in Aqueous Environment박세준; 이광렬; 안승호, et al
2008-04Mg 합금을 이용한 생체 분해성 임플란트 연구 동향석현광; 김유찬; 양석조, et al
2008-06Microtensile Strain on the Corrosion Performance of Diamond-like Carbon Coating이승환; 김정구; 최헌웅, et al
1997-08Transport properties of YBa₂Cu₃O7-x thin films with crossed columnar defects박종혁; 김동호; 김영환, et al
2006-01Tribological and Electrochemical Characteristics of DLC Coatings with Bias Voltage김우정; 김정구; 박세준, et al
2008-07Wear-corrosion Performance of Si-DLC Coatings on Ti-6Al-4V Substrate김정구; 이광렬; 양석조
2004-03-31의료용 복합재료 및 그 제조방법김정구; 김호건; 박세준, et al
1999-01-15Mg-Ca 희생양극금동화; 김정구; 김혜성, et al
-(Undefined)롬바드, 앤서니; 롱, 우준; 뤼브라드 오케, et al