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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-072D and 3D simulation of toroidal type thin film inductors류호준; 김성동; 이정중, et al
1999-013D simulation of thin film inductor using permalloy as a conductor류호준; 이정중; 김종렬, et al
2002-09A Megahertz Switching DC/DC Converter Using FeBN Thin Film Inductor김기현; 김종렬; 김희준, et al
1998-01Characterization of metal/cobalt ferrite magnetic thin films박창회; 나종갑; 허남회, et al
2000-12Design of W buffer layer for adhesion improvement of DLC films on tool steels이광렬; 은광용; 김인영, et al
2005-10Development of FeCo-based Thin Films for Gigahertz Applications유은지; 심종식; 김인영, et al
2002-02Dual spiral sandwiched magnetic thin film inductor using Fe-Hf-N soft magnetic films as a magnetic core김기현; 유덕화; 정주현, et al
2000-01Effect of sputtering input power on structural inhomegeneities in as-sputtered Fe-Hf-N thin films김기현; 김영호; 김종렬, et al
1999-04Effect of surface segregation of sulfur on recrystallization kinetics in 3% Si-Fe alloy strip허남회; 채경훈; 나종갑, et al
1999-01Effects of substrate temperature on the magnetic and electrical properties of cobalt ferrite/metal composite thin films나종갑; 박창회; 허남회, et al
2003-05Fabrication of nanocrystalline Fe-Co-Ta-N magnetic films with high saturation magnetization and excellent high-frequency characteristics신재민; 김윤명; 김종렬, et al
2001-07High frequency characteristics of as-sputtered Co-Ni-Fe-N soft magnetic thin films김윤명; 최덕; Ki Hyun Kim, et al
2002-02High moment and high frequency permaeability Fe-B-N nanocrystalline soft magnetic films김기현; 정주현; 김종렬, et al
2000-11Magnetic properties and reliabilities of FeXN (X = Ti, Al, Hf, CoHf, CrHf) nanocrystalline thin film head materials김기현; 최현우; 김종렬, et al
2000-01Magnetic properties of as-deposited Fe-Al-O alloy films김상록; 김기현; 김종렬, et al
2001-01Magnetic properties of as-sputtered Co-Ni-Fe alloy films김윤명; 최덕; 김상록, et al
2004-09Microstructural analysis of Ga1-xMnxN films grown by PEMBE김인영; 김종렬; 한석희
2005-04Nanocrystalline Fe-Co-Ni-B thin film with high permeability and high frequency characteristics심종식; 김종렬; 한석희, et al
1999-01Newly designed spiral type thin film inductor류호준; 이정중; 김종렬, et al
1999-04Nucleation and development of Goss texture and magnetic induction in thin-gauged 3% Si-Fe alloy허남회; 채경훈; 나종갑, et al
1999-01Soft magnetic properties and microstructures of As-sputtered Fe-M-O (M=Hf, Al) films박진영; 김상록; 김종렬, et al
1998-06Soft magnetic properties of as-deposited Fe-Hf-C-N and Fe-Hf-N nanocrystalline thin films송재용; 이정중; 한석희, et al
1998-01Soft magnetic properties of as-deposited Fe-Hf-C-N films by N2 reactive RF magnetron sputtering송재용; 김종렬; 김희중, et al
2000-01Soft magnetic properties of as-sputtered Fe-Al-O films김상록; 김기현; 장용익, et al
2006-05Structure, ferromagnetic resonance, and permeability of nanogranular Fe-Co-B-Ni filmsM. Pasquale; F. Celegato; Marco Coisson, et al
2001-07The effect of Cr addition on structure and corrosion resistance in FeTiN nanocrystalline soft magnetic thin films최현우; Ki Hyun Kim; 김종렬, et al
2000-12The magnetic properties of Co-Ni-Fe-N soft magnetic thin films김윤명; 최덕; 김기현, et al
2000-01The magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Fe-Co(Cr)- Hf-N thin films김기현; 김영호; 김종렬, et al
2000-01Thickness effect on magnetic properties in nanocrystalline Fe-Hf-N thin films김기현; 김영호; 김종렬, et al
2002-02Thickness effects on the high-frequency characteristics of as-deposited Co-Ni-Fe and Co-Ni-Fe-N soft magnetic thin films김윤명; 최덕; 김기현, et al