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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-01A Role for the Carbohydrate Portion of Ginsenoside Rg3 in Na+ Channel Inhibition김종훈; Yoon-Hee Hong; 이준호, et al
2003-12Anti-arthritic Effect of a New Diet-Supplement Containing Red Ginseng Extract and Glucosamine Complex정춘식; 현진이; 강민희, et al
2005-10Characteristics of Ginsenoside Rg3-Mediated Brain Na+ Current Inhibition이준호; 정상민; 김종훈, et al
2008-02Characteristics of transparent ZnO based thin film transistors with amorphous HfO2 gate insulators and Ga doped ZnO electrodes김종훈; 안병두; 이충희, et al
2006-11Cloning and heterologous expression of a Ca2+-activated chloride channel isoform from rat brain윤인수; 정상민; 이수남, et al
2015-12Enhanced fluorescent stability of copper indium sulfide quantum dots through incorporating aluminum into ZnS shell김종훈; 장은표; 권용우, et al
2006-12Enhancement in electrical and optical properties of indium tin oxide thin films grown using a pulsed laser deposition at room temperature by two-step process김종훈; 안병두; 이충희, et al
2005-11Ethanol modulates GABA(B) receptor expression in cortex and hippocampus of the adult rat brainShu Peng Li; 박문석; Guang Zhen Jin, et al
2006-12Ginseng saponins diminish adverse vascular effects associated with chronic methionine-induced hyperhomocysteinemia김종훈; 조수연; 강창원, et al
2004-06Ginseng saponins induce store-operated calcium entry in Xenopus oocytes정상민; 이준호; 김선오, et al
2008-02Heat generation properties of Ga doped ZnO thin films prepared by rf-magnetron sputtering for transparent heaters김종훈; 안병두; 김충희, et al
2015-04Highly Bright Yellow-Green-Emitting CuInS2 Colloidal Quantum Dots with Core/Shell/Shell Architecture for White Light-Emitting Diodes박상현; 홍아라; 김종훈, et al
2006-06Magnetic and optical properties of Zn1-xMnxO thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition전경아; 김종훈; 심우영, et al
2007-03Neuroprotective effects of ginsenoside Rg3 against homocysteine-induced excitotoxicity in rat hippocampus김종훈; 조수연; 이준호, et al
2006-12Photoluminescence of ZnO nanowires grown on sapphire (1120) substrates전경아; 손효정; 김창은, et al
2015-10Photostability enhancement of InP/ZnS quantum dots enabled by In2O3 overcoating조정호; 김종훈; 이선형, et al
2005-04Protective effects of ginseng saponins on 3-nitropropionic acid-induced striatal degeneration in rats김종훈; 김선오; 윤인수, et al
2007-02Synthesis of ZnO nanowires by pulsed laser deposition in furnace손효정; 전경아; 김창은, et al
2008-02Thermally stable, highly conductive, and transparent Ga-doped ZnO thin films안병두; 김종훈; 강홍성, et al
2013-02Unique oxide overcoating of CuInS2/ZnS core/shell quantum dots with ZnGa2O4 for fabrication of white light-emitting diode with improved operational stability송우석; 장은표; 김종훈, et al
2013-02Utilization of LiSrPO4:Eu phosphor and Cu-In-S quantum dot for fabrication of high color rendering white light-emitting diode송우석; 김종훈; 이정훈, et al
2008-02-26컴퓨팅 자원에 기반한 동적 로봇 소프트웨어 아키텍처 관리방법김동선; 김문상; 김종훈, et al
1996-11화학합성 다이아몬드 후막의 특성평가이욱성; 김종훈; 이재갑, et al