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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06Application of micro-attenuated total reflectance FTIR spectroscopy in the forensic study of questioned documents involving red seal inks와나디; 박진숙; 메리로즈, et al
2011-11Aqueous-phase reforming of glycerol over nanosize Cu-Ni catalysts김지연; 김성학; 문동주, et al
2013-01Aquoues Phase Reforming of Glycerol Over Nanosize Cu-Ni Catalysts김지연; Seong Hak Kim; 문동주, et al
2013-11Aryl Biphenyl-3-ylmethylpiperazines as 5-HT7 Receptor Antagonists김지연; 김영재; 태진성, et al
2001-12Characterization of the selectivity and mechanism of cytochrome P450 inhibition by dimethyl-4,4'-dimethoxy-5,6,5',6'-dimethylenedioxybiphenyl-2,2'-dicarboxylate김지연; 백민선; 이수용, et al
2014-08-06CLC-Ka 염화 이온 채널 조절물질 도출을 위한 세포기반 형광 이미징 고효율 검색 및 광범위 특성 연구용 세포주김지연; 박미리; 성진모, et al
2014-08-06CLC-Kb 염화 이온 채널 조절물질 도출을 위한 세포기반 형광 이미징 고효율 검색 및 광범위 특성 연구용 세포주김지연; 박미리; 성진모, et al
2013-05Discovery of aryl-biphenyl-2-ylmethylpiperazines as novel scaffolds for 5-HT7 ligands and role of the aromatic substituents in binding to the target receptor김영재; 김지연; 태진성, et al
2002-04Effects of flavonoids isolated from scutellariae radix on cytochrome P-450 activities in human liver microsomes김지연; 이수용; 김동현, et al
2009-09Enhanced Dermal Wound Neovascularization by Targeted Delivery of Endothelial Progenitor Cells a RGD-g-PLLA Scaffold김경리; 한동근; 송선화, et al
2009-08Enhanced Dermal Wound Neovascularization by Targeted Delivery of Endothelial Progenitor Cells using an RGD-g-PLLA Scaffold김경리; 한동근; 박귀덕, et al
2008-05Enhancement of Neovasculization in Ishemic Tissues by using Endothelial Progenitor Cell-grafted Polymeric Scaffold김경리; 한동근; 송선화, et al
2007-03Facilitated Transport Membrane for Ethylene/Ethane and Propylene/Propane Separation김지연; 이현주; 김훈식, et al
2006-04Facilitated transport membranes containing zwitterionic silver complex for separation of olefin/paraffin김지연; 최대기; 안의섭, et al
2010-05HPLC and LC TOF/MS determination of clobetasol propionate in cosmetic products남윤식; 이기수; 김지연, et al
2010-04Hydrogen production of APR over perovskite catalysts신관수; 김지연; Dhanapalan, et al
2000-10Inhibition of microsomal testosterone 6 β -hydroxylase activity by dimethyl-4,4´-dimethoxy-5,6,5´,6´-dimethylene dioxy phenyl-2,2'-dicarboxylate (DDB)김동현; 백민선; 김지연, et al
2000-03Mechanism of covalent adduct formation of aucubin to proteins김동현; 김복량; 김지연, et al
2001-04Metabolism of dimethyl-4,4'-dimethoxy-5,6,5',6'-dimethylene dioxybiphenyl-2,2'-dicarboxylate (DDB) by human liver microsomes: characterization of metabolic pathways and of cytochrome p450 isoforms involved백민선; 김지연; 명승운, et al
2014-10Novel thienopyrimidinones as mGluR1 antagonists김영재; 김지연; 김소라, et al
2006-05Performance of facilitated transport membranes containing SPEEK-AgNO3 for olefin/paraffin separation김지연; 최대기; 이현주, et al
2008-04Preparation of Piperazine derivatives as 5-HT7 receptor antagonists윤주희; 유은아; 김지연, et al
2010-10Production of hydrogen by aqueous phase reforming of glycerin over Ni/Ce LaAlO3신관수; 김지연; 문동주, et al
1998-11Raman and infrared spectroscopy of YBa2Cu3O7-d-BaPbO3 composites김지연; 이수영; 양인상, et al
2010-12Reduced dose-limiting toxicity of intraperitoneal mitoxantrone chemotherapy using cardiolipin-based anionic liposomes장래성; 김지연; 이한영, et al
2005-11Separation of isoprene from C5 mixtures using facilitated transport membranes김지연; 최현우; 안의섭, et al
2006-08Separation of Isoprene/n-Pentane Mixture using Facilitated Transport Membranes김지연; 이현주; 최대기, et al
2012-12Tetraiodothyroacetic acid-tagged liposomes for enhanced delivery of anticancer drug to tumor tissue via integrin receptor이상빈; 김지연; 심가용, et al
2011-11-25바이페닐 유도체, 이를 포함하는 약학 조성물 및 이의 제조방법김영재; 김지연; 염미영, et al
2011-11-30생체적합성 용매의 용해도가 향상된 녹인 강황 추출물 및 커큐민권학철; 김지연; 박주영, et al