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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-08A Full-Scale Successive Alkalinity-Producing Passive System (SAPPS) for the Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage이주영; 김지형; 우광재, et al
1999-07A gas phase mass transport model for multi-component nonaqueous phase liquid in unsaturated zone이상현; 염익태; 안규홍, et al
2000-12A simplified model approach for mass transfer of a complex liquid mixture during soil venting이상현; 염익태; 안규홍, et al
2008-05Anaerobic batch test for determination of optimum substrate ratio in anaerobic ammonium oxidation이환희; 김이중; 정윤철, et al
2013-08Assessing soil and groundwater contamination in a metropolitan redevelopment project윤준기; 이주영; 김지형, et al
2012-01Assessment of waters and sediments impacted by drainage at the Young Dong coal mine site, South Korea우광제; 이주영; 지원현, et al
2005-02Cell Age Optimization for Hydrogen Production Induced by Sulfur Deprivation Using a Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii UTEX 90김준표; 강창덕; 심상준, et al
2011-03Comparison of diamond-like carbon-coated nitinol stents with or without polyethylene glycol grafting and uncoated nitinol stents in a canine iliac artery model김지형; 신지훈; 신동호, et al
2008-06Determination of the optimum NH3-N/NO2-N ratio by anaerobic batch test in anaerobic ammonium oxidation process이환희; 김이중; 김지형, et al
1997-05Diffusion barrier properties of mo compound thin films김지형; 이용혁; 권용성, et al
1998-11Effect of an impaction plate on the particle collection in a cascade impactor배귀남; 지준호; 문길주, et al
2000-10Kinetics of reductive denitrification by nanoscale zero-valent iron최승희; 장윤영; 황경엽, et al
1999-01Kinetics of reductive denitrification of nitrate by nanoscale Fe˚ particles최승희; 장윤영; 김지형, et al
1999-05Modeling vapor transport for multi-component gasoline in soil이상현; 염익태; 안규홍, et al
1999-01Multi-component volatilization modeling of gasoline in soil이상현; 염익태; 안규홍, et al
1999-05Nitrogen removal from household wastewater using intermittently aerated membrane bioreactor나유미; 안규홍; 염익태, et al
2009-11Optimization of LC-MS/MS analysis on chlortetracycline using response surface analysis정희숙; 배효관; 김지형, et al
1999-05Quantitative analysis of leachate treatment process by fenton oxidation조민정; 강윤환; 김지형, et al
1998-11Treatment of landfill leachate by wet oxidation조민정; 강윤환; 김지형, et al
1999-01Treatment of landfill leachate by wet oxidation조민정; 강윤환; 김지형, et al
1998-11간헐폭기 막활성슬러지법을 이용한 질소제거나유미; 염익태; 안규홍, et al
1998-11나노크기 미세철입자를 이용한 지하수 중의 NO3- 고속탈질처리에 관한 연구최승희; 장윤영; 김지형, et al
1998-12나노크기 미세철입자를 이용한 질산오염수의 고속탈질처리황경엽; 최승희; 김지형