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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06Biocompatible PEG Grafting on DLC-coated Nitinol Alloy for Vascular Stents신홍섭; 박귀덕; 김지흥, et al
2014-02Bioinspired Adhesive Coating on PET Film for Antifouling Surface Modification허성범; 전영실; 김승일, et al
2013-11Bioinspired self-adhesive polymer for surface modification to improve antifouling property허성범; 전영실; 김영준, et al
2008-05Blood compatibility of zwitterionic PEG grafted on Nitinol-Au for peripheral arterial stent신홍섭; 박귀덕; 문명운, et al
2008-04Blood compatible surface modification using Zwitterionic PEG신홍섭; 박귀덕; 문명운, et al
2007-10Evaluation of Biocompatible Zwitterionic PEG Grafted on chemisorbed Nitinol-Au for Peripheral Arterial Stent신홍섭; 손준식; 박귀덕, et al
2008-03Evaluation of blood compatible surface modification using zwitterionic PEG신홍섭; 박귀덕; 문명운, et al
2007-11Evaluation of Blood compatible Zwitterionic PEG-grafted Nitinol-Au for Peripheral Arterial Stent신홍섭; 박귀덕; 문명운, et al
2009-02Grafting and Characterization of Zwitter Ionic Poly(ethylene glycol) on Gold-Coated Nitinol Surface Chemisorbed with L-Cysteine신홍섭; 박귀덕; 김재진, et al
2005-01Preparation and properties of PEG hydrogel from PEG Macromonomer with sulfonate end group김지흥; 김전국; 김득준, et al
1999-03Preparation and properties of poly(aspartic acid)-based hydrogel박해대; 김지흥; 김수현, et al
2008-10Preparation of Biocompatible Zwitterionic PEG Grafted on Modified Nitinol-DLC Surface신홍섭; 박귀덕; 문명운, et al
2013-07Preparation of enhanced hydrophobic poly(L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) films surface and its blood compatibility김승일; 임진익; 정영미, et al
2014-11Preparation of Topographically Modified Poly(L-lactic acid)-b-Poly(ε-caprolactone)-b-Poly(L-lactic acid) Tri-Block Copolymer Film Surfaces and Its Blood Compatibility김승일; 이보람; 임진익, et al
2000-05Synthesis and characterization of poly(lactic acid-co-mandelic acid)s by direct solution polycondensation김완중; 김지흥; 김수현, et al
2004-07Synthesis and polymerization of methacryloyl-PEG-sulfonic acid as a functional macromer for biocompatible polymeric surfaces김전국; 심상준; 김지흥, et al
1997-01Synthesis and properties of high MW poly(D,L-lactic acid)s by direct thermal condensation김수현; 김영하; 김지흥, et al
1999-11Synthesis and properties of linear and star-shaped poly(L-lactic acid)s by direct solution polycondensation김완중; 이선영; 김지흥, et al
2007-11말초동맥 스텐트용 Zwitterionic PEG로 그래프트된 Nitinol-Au의 혈액적합성 평가신홍섭; 손준식; 박귀덕, et al
2008-05말초동맥 스텐트용 Zwitterionic PEG를 사용한 표면개질된 Nitinol-Au의 제조신홍섭; 류현욱; 박귀덕, et al
2003-01-14술폰산화 PEO를 함유하는 비닐 단량체 및 중합체 및그들의 제조 방법김수현; 김영하; 김지흥