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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-12-28[110] 방향으로 분극된 완화형 강유전체 단결정을 이용한에너지 하베스터강종윤; 김진상; 김현재, et al
2015-08A differential method for measuring cooling performance of a thermoelectric module권범진; 백승협; 김성근, et al
2006-10A High Throughput Search of Dielectric Thin Films for Tunable Devices최지원; 강종윤; 김진상, et al
2011-03A route to high sensitivity and rapid response Nb2O5-based gas sensors: TiO2 doping, surface embossing, and voltage optimization문희규; 장호원; 김진상, et al
2012-10A Structural Investigation of CdTe(001) Thin Films on GaAs/Si(001) Substrates by High-Resolution Electron Microscopy김광천; 백승협; 김현재, et al
1999-12A study on the MOVPE CdTe layers for passivation of HgCdTe송종형; 홍진기; 김선웅, et al
1999-11A study on the passivation of HgCdTe with CdZnTe송종형; 안세영; 김진상, et al
2009-12A study on the structural and mechanical properties of ordered mesoporous Al2O3 film하태정; 박형호; 윤석진, et al
2005-07Ammonium sulfide treatment of HgCdTe substrate and its effects on electrical properties of ZnS/HgCdTe heterostructure정용철; 안세영; 서상희, et al
2007-03Annealing Behavior of Bi2Te3 Thermoelectric Semiconductor Electrodeposited for Nanowire Applications김민영; 오태성; 김진상
2014-05Atomic layer deposition of HfO2 thin films using H2O2 as oxidant최민정; Hyung-Ho Park; 정두석, et al
2013-03Capacitance-voltage analysis of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures김성근; 김신익; 황진하, et al
1998-12CdZnTe Passivation of HgCdTe by Using Electron Beam Evaporation and Its Interfacial Properties김진상; 정관욱; 서상희, et al
1996-01Chain-end effect in the coupling reaction for the synthesis of block copolymers.김정안; 김광웅; 김진상, et al
2006-09Characteristics of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 Thin Films for Microwave Tunable Device applications조광환; 하종윤; 최지원, et al
2003-11Characteristics of HgCdTe layers grown by MOVPE on (211)B CdTe/Si substrates서상희; 김진상; 서대원, et al
2000-09Characteristics of HgCdTe on CdZnTe grown by MOVPE서상희; 김진상; 김형준, et al
2001-09Characteristics of MOVPE grown HgCdTe on GaAs and CdZnTe substrates김진상; 서상희
2001-06Characteristics of photovoltaic HgCdTe devices for short wavelength infrared detectors김진상; 안세영; 전용우, et al
2002-01Characteristics of SWIR diodes of HgCdTe/CdTe/GaAs grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy김진상; 안세영; 서상희
2009-04Characterization of Thermo-optical Properties of Ferroelectric P(VDF-TrFE) Copolymer Using Febry-Perot Interferometer송현철; 김진상; 윤석진, et al
2008-05Chemical Treatment of Substrates for Improving the Surface Morphology of BiSbTe3 Thin Films on Sapphire권성도; 정대용; 윤석진, et al
2016-07Chemiresistive Electronic Nose toward Detection of Biomarkers in Exhaled Breath김진상; 이석; 강종윤, et al
2009-09CO sensing properties of macroporous TiO2 thin film enhanced surface activity by using colloidal template문희규; 장호원; 박형호, et al
2010-04CO sensing properties of TiO2-doped Nb2O5 thin film gas sensor by rf co-sputtering문희규; 장호원; 김진상, et al
2013-07Composition-dependent thermoelectric properties of n-type Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 doped with In4Se3임주혁; 백승협; 신현용, et al
2016-03Comprehensive Study on Critical Role of Surface Oxygen Vacancies for 2DEG Formation and Annihilation in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Heterointerfaces문선영; 문천우; 장혜정, et al
2006-12Constructions and characteristics of a tiny piezoelectric linear motor using radial mode vibrations고현필; 강종윤; 김진상, et al
2002-03Control of hillock formation during MOVPE growth of HgCdTe by suppressing the pre-reaction of the Cd precursor with Hg서상희; 김진상; 김형준, et al
2015-07Control of the initial growth in atomic layer deposition of Pt films by surface pretreatment편정준; 조철진; 백승협, et al