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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-08A highly selective polybenzimidazole-4,4'-(hexafluoroisopropylidene)bis(benzoic acid) membrane for high-temperature hydrogen separation최선희; 김다혜; 김도영, et al
2001-10A study of droplet motion on an inclined surface김진호; 김호영; 강병하, et al
2001-10A study of revulet flow on an inclined solid surface김진호; 김호영; 강병하, et al
1999-08A study of the crystallization behaviors of different polypropylenes서용석; 김진호; 김광웅
1998-01An experimental study of convective heat transfer in a channel filled with aluminium foam materials김진호; 강병하; 김서영, et al
1999-04An influence of additional metals over Ni/SiO2 or Ni/Al2O3 on the formation of CFC-1113 from CFC-113김진호; 박건유; 하백현
2011-10Application of Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging Using a Polymeric Nanoparticle-Based Probe for the Diagnosis and Therapeutic Monitoring of Colon Cancer윤순만; 명승재; 김인화, et al
2002-05Coagulation of synthetic reactive dye wastewater by cyanoguanidine-formaldehyde resin나인욱; 하재인; 김진호, et al
2007-08Demonstration of 10 Gbps Optical Encryption and Decryption by Using Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers손창완; 정영진; 이석, et al
1998-10Determination of three dimensional curvature of convex object via active touch오상록; 최혁렬; 김진호
1998-01Effect of porous fin in a plate-fin heat exchanger김서영; 김진호; 강병하
2010-09Enhancement of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell performance by boiling a membrane electrode assembly in sulfuric acid solution조용훈; 김진호; 유성종, et al
2015-08Exposure characteristics of nanoparticles as process by-products for the semiconductor manufacturing industry최광민; 김진호; 박주현, et al
2004-11Flow Characteristics in the Converging Mini-Channels강상우; 김진호; 이윤표
2004-07Flow in the converging mini-channels강상우; 이윤표; 김진호
2001-03Forced convection from aluminum foam materials in an asymmetrically heated channel김서영; 강병하; 김진호
1998-01Heat transfer correlation of porous fin in a plate-fin heat exchanger김서영; 김진호; 강병하, et al
1998-06Heat transfer correlations for porous-fin heat exchanger design강병하; 김서영; 김진호
1995-01Heat transfer of oscillating flow in a cylinder with regenerator.강병하; 김진호; 이재헌
1999-06Hydrophilic treatment effects on fill packings characteristics in a counterflow cooling tower김진호; 김서영; 강병하
2001-04Influence of a compatibilizer on the physical properties of biaxially deformed in-situ composites서용석; 김진호; 홍순만, et al
2001-05Instability of rivulet flow on inclined solid surfaces김호영; 김진호; 강병하, et al
2003-08Microporous hollow fiber membrane prepared from high density polyethylene/ultra high molecular weight polyethylene blend남주영; 최승은; 이광희, et al
2010-12Near-infrared fluorescence imaging using a protease-specific probe for the detection of colon tumors윤순만; 명성재; 예병덕, et al
2002-01Perturbation analysis of a meandering rivulet김진호; 김호영; Byung Ha Kang, et al
1999-01Probing curvature of convex object via discrete active touch최혁렬; 김진호; 오상록
2001-03Structure development of TLCP ternary blends during biaxial elongational flow서용석; 김진호
2000-09Structure development of TLCP ternary blends during biaxial elongational flow and its physical properties서용석; 김형준; 김진호, et al
2000-01Study of the crystallization behaviors of polypropylene and maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene서용석; 김진호; 김광웅, et al