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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-08Altered nociceptive response in mice deficient in the α //1//B subunit of the voltage-dependent calcium channel.김찬기; 전기선; 이태훈, et al
2002-11Control of visceral pains by thalamic burst firings김대수; 박동현; 최순욱, et al
2009-01Deletion of N-type Ca2+ channel Cav2.2 results in hyperaggressive behaviors in mice김찬기; 전대종; 김영훈, et al
2004-11Deletion of N-Type Calcium Channels Alters Ethanol Reward and Reduces Ethanol Consumption in MicePhilip M. Newton; Christine J. Orr; Melisa J. Wallace, et al
2004-05Enhanced aggressive behavior in N-type calcium channel α1B-subunit deficient mice김찬기; Kim, Youngkyung; Kim, Younghoon, et al
2007-06Impaired long-term memory and long-term potentiation in N-type Ca2+ channel-deficient mice전대종; 김찬기; 양유미, et al
2004-10Impaired Thalamic Sensory Gating and Affective Disorder in T-type Ca2+ Channel Mutants신희섭; 최순욱; 이정륜, et al
2004-05N-type Ca2+ channel is critical for normal hippocampus-dependent learning and memoryg전대종; 김찬기; 양유미, et al
2004-10Opposite Roles of PLCβ 1 and PLCβ 4 in Pain Processing in the Thalamus이석찬; 최순욱; 김찬기, et al
2004-05PLCβ1 and PLCβ4 regulate pain processing oppositely in the spinal cord and the thalamus이석찬; 최순욱; 박동현, et al
2005-02PLCβ4 Mediates Change of Nociceptive-Induced Firing Patterns in the Thalamus이석찬; 김희수; 최순욱, et al
2004-02Reciprocal Roles of T-type Calcium Channel Isotypes, a1G and a1H, in the Modulation of Nociceptive Signals최순욱; 김대수; Chen Chien-Chang, et al
2004-05Regulator of G protein signaling proteins : multifunctional drug targets최연수; 우지완; 이승은, et al
2002-09Role of T-type calcium channels in thalamocortical relay of sensory information김대수; 박동현; 최순욱, et al
2008-02Targeted disruption of RGS11 in mice김종현; 우지완; 김찬기, et al
2003-10Thalamic control of visceral nociception mediated by T-type Ca2+ channels김대수; 박동현; 최순욱, et al
2003-05Thalamic control of visceral pains mediated by T-type calcium channels..김대수; 박동현; 최순욱, et al
2011-01Thalamic ryanodine receptors are involved in controlling the tonic firing of thalamocortical neurons and inflammatory pain signal processing정은지; 김찬기; 최지원, et al
2004-02The Role of T-type Ca2+ Channels in the Thalamic Sensory Gating and Novelty-seeking Behaviors김대수; 최순욱; 이석찬, et al
2010-05-13라이아노딘 수용체의 활성을 항진시키는 통증 완화 물질 및 그의 스크리닝 방법김찬기; 선민정; 신희섭, et al
2007-05-04복통억제제의 스크리닝 방법김대수; 김찬기; 신희섭
2007-05-04우울증 치료제의 스크리닝 방법김찬기; 신희섭
2004-05-17자극추구형 성격과 알코올 선호도가 증가된α1GT-타입채널 유전자 적중생쥐 및 알파1G 유전자를조절하여 기분장애를 치료하는 방법김대수; 김찬기; 신희섭, et al
2002-10-17N-타입 칼슘 채널의 활성을 억제함으로써 우울증을감소시키는 방법김찬기; 신희섭
2001-11-02T 타입 칼슘채널을 조절하여 복통을 억제하는 방법김대수; 김찬기; 신희섭