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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-10Computational Requirements for Korean ABM Systems (invited opening talk)김찬수; 이광렬; 이원도, et al
2018-10Density distribution in two Ising systems with particle exchange김찬수; J. Y. Fortin; S. Goh, et al
2010-05Dynamics of a globular protein and its hydration water studied by neutron scattering and MD simulationsSow-Hsin Chen; Marco Lagi; Xiang-qiang Chu, et al
2017-05Dynamics of analyst forecasts and emergence of complexity: Role of information disparity김찬수; Daniel S. Kim; Kwangwon Ahn, et al
2011-06Economic inequality and pandemic influenza (H1N1) spread in metropolitan Seoul김찬수; John K. Ahn; 이광렬
2012-09Foot-and-mouth disease spread in Korea: social phenomenon simulation and its financial stability using Agent-Based Simulations김찬수; John Ahn; Yena Song, et al
2010-03Generation of charged nanoparticles during the synthesis of silicon nanowires by chemical vapor deposition김찬수; 곽일조; 최경진, et al
2013-08Human Tracking with Multiple 3D Cameras for Perceptual Sensor Network최종호; 김찬수; 박성기
2010-01MD simulation of structural change of polyethylene induced by high energy ion bombardment김찬수; 아메드; 문명운, et al
2015-08Modified Particle Filtering using Foreground Separation and Confidence for Object Tracking김찬수; 박성기
2010-07Molecular Dynamics simulation of structural change of polyethylene induced by 
김찬수; 아메드; 문명운, et al
2009-09Molecular Dynamics simulations study on Focused Ion Beam formed nano-sized patterns on polyethylene surface김찬수; Sk. Faruque Ahmed; 문명운, et al
2009-09Molecular Dynamics Simulations Study on the Structure Evolution of Polyethylene Surface by Ar Ion Bombardment김찬수; Sk. Faruque Ahmed; 문명운, et al
2009-11Molecular Dynamics Study on Polymer Surface Modification by Ar Ion Bombardement김찬수; 아메드; 문명운, et al
2012-09Monetary Policy in time of disasters: a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium approachJohn Ahn; Yena Song; Dimitrios Tsomocos, et al
2014-11Monetary uncertainty and default안광원; 김찬수; Dimitrios Tsomocos, et al
2014-11Monetary Uncertainty and Default안광원; 김찬수; Dimitrios Tsomocos, et al
2014-11Monetary Uncertainty and Default안광원; 김찬수; Dimitrios Tsomocos, et al
2009-07Neutron scattering studies of dynamic crossover phenomena in a coupled system of biopolymer and its hydration waterSow-Hsin Chen; Francesco Mallamace; Xiang-qiang Chu, et al
2010-08Optical properties of surface modified polypropylene by plasma immersion ion implantation techniqueSk. Faruque Ahmed; 문명운; 김찬수, et al
2010-09Pandemic influenza in metropolitan Seoul area with a well developed public transportation: individual-based simulation with Korean data김찬수; 정환원; 오정수, et al
2009-03Proteins Remain Soft at Lower Temperatures under PressureXiang-qiang Chu; Antonio Faraone; 김찬수, et al
2013-01Self-assembly simulation of M13 bacteriophage capsid proteins using coarse-graining model정환원; 오정수; 김성진, et al
2014-01Stabilization of monodispersed spherical silica particles and their alignment with reduced crack density조소혜; 박수영; 김찬수, et al
2014-10Systematic risk and financial fragility in the Chinese banking system안광원; 김찬수; Dimitrios Tsomocos, et al
2011-06The role of fiscal policy in financial stability: Evidence from G-7 countriesJohn K. Ahn; 김찬수; Yena Song, et al
2010-11Understanding Ar ion Induced Structural Change of Polymer Surface and its Dependency on Ion Energy: Molecular Dynamics simulations김찬수; 아메드; 문명운, et al
2012-12-21나노 소자 설계용 다차원 가상 실험 장치 및 그 방법김규봉; 김병현; 김승철, et al
2012-11-14비정형 물체 추적 장치 및 방법김동환; 김찬수; 박성기
2013-11-05사람들의 움직임 불규칙성을 이용한 폭력 행위 검출 장치 및 방법김동환; 김찬수; 박성기, et al