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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05A facile method for transparent carbon nanosheets heater based on polyimide구본철; 유남호; 고문주, et al
2016-05Broad-spectrum antiproliferative activity of a series of 6-(4-fluorophenyl)-5-(2-substituted pyrimidin-4-yl)imidazo[2,1-b]thiazole derivatives오창현; 모하메드 사미르; 마흐무드 가말엘딘, et al
2011-09Design, synthesis, bioconversion, and pharmacokinetics evaluation of new ester prodrugs of olmesartan장정수; 엘가말; 이웅산, et al
2013-03Discovery of olmesartan hexetil: A new potential prodrug of olmesartan모하메드엘가말; Hanan S. Anbar; 정혜진, et al
2010-10Novel amides and esters prodrugs of olmesartan: Synthesis, bioconversion, and pharmacokinetic evaluation박진헌; 장정수; 엘가말, et al
2016-02Preparation of UV-curable acryl resin for high refractive index based on 1,5-bis(2-acryloylenethyl)-3,4-ethylenedithiothiophene김현일; 여현욱; 고문주, et al
2019-02Synergistic Effect of Sulfur and Chalcogen Atoms on the Enhanced Refractive Indices of Polyimides in the Visible and Near-Infrared Regions구본철; 유남호; 고문주, et al
2016-10Synthesis and Characterization of Curing Agent for Advanced Epoxy Resin Containing Ester-type Mesogenic Uints.유남호; 고문주; 안석훈, et al
2016-04Synthesis and characterization of curing agent for advanced epoxy resin from Bis(4-Amino-3-Methylphenyl) Terephthalate유남호; 김현일; 한재량
2015-04Synthesis and Characterization of High Refractive Index Poly acrylate Derived from 1,5-Bis[(2-Acryloylenethyl]-3,4-Ethylenedithiothiophene김현일; 한재량; 유남호
2017-07Synthesis and Characterization of New Diamines Containing Rigid Aromatic Ester Units as Curing Agent for High Performance Epoxy Resin유남호; 고문주; 안석훈, et al
2018-01Synthesis and characterization of phosphorus- and sulfur-containing aromatic polyimides for high refractive index구본철; 유남호; 고문주, et al
2015-04Synthesis and characterization of poly(ester imide)s derived from bis(4-aminophenyl) terephthalate and aromatic anhydrides구본철; 유남호; 남기호, et al
2017-01Thermomechanical and optical properties of molecularly controlled polyimides derived from ester derivatives구본철; 유남호; 고문주, et al
2019-04굴절률 증가를 위한 칼코젠 원소 함유 폴리 이미드의 중합 및 특성유남호; 오누리; 김현일