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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-12A new catalyst-embedded hierarchical air electrode for high-performance Li-O2 batteries임희대; 송혜린; 권혁조, et al
2020-03A new lithium diffusion model in layered oxides based on asymmetric but reversible transition metal migration홍지현; 구교진; 김병훈, et al
2015-08A new perspective on Li-SO2 batteries for rechargeable systems임희대; 박혁준; 김형섭, et al
2014-03A New Water Oxidation Catalyst : Lithium Manganese Pyrophosphate with Tunable Mn Valency박지민; 김현아; 진경석, et al
2019-06ANO1/TMEM16A regulates process maturation in radial glial cells in the developing brain오수진; 황은미; 홍규상, et al
2018-05Anoctamin 9/TMEM16J is a cation channel activated by cAMP/PKA signal오우택; 이병준; 정주영, et al
2015-09Anomalous Jahn-Teller behavior in manganese-based mixed-phosphate cathode for sodium ion batteries임희대; 김형섭; 윤갑인, et al
2014-09Anti-site reordering in LiFePO4: Defect annihilation on charge carrier injection임희대; 박규영; 박인철, et al
2014-12Aqueous rechargeable Li and Na ion batteries홍지현; 김해겸; 박규영, et al
2007-01Brown algae(Dictyota sp.) collected from east and its cancer prevention and inflammatory activities김민철; 김철영; 함정엽, et al
2008-06Cancer Chemopreventive Effects of Korean Seaweed Extracts이샛별; 이주영; 송대근, et al
2007-10Cancer Chemopreventive Effects of Korean Seaweed Extracts이샛별; 김민철; 이은하, et al
2004-10Characteristics of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban air in Korea김영성; 김형섭; 김종국
2019-07Charge-transfer complexes for high-power organic rechargeable batteries홍지현; 강인영; 이세찬, et al
2004-04Deformation-induced nanocrystallization and its influence on work hardening in a bulk amorphous matrix composite이재철; 김유찬; 안재평, et al
2019-02Effects of thermal and electrical stress on defect generation in InAs metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitor송진동; 강항규; 백민, et al
2005-01Enhanced plasticity in a bulk amorphous matrix composite: macroscopic and microscopic viewpoint studies이재철; 김유찬; 안재평, et al
2011-06Graphene-Based Hybrid Electrode Material for High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries임희대; 김해겸; 김성욱, et al
2020-07High-energy O3-Na12xCax[Ni0.5Mn0.5]O2 cathodes for long-life sodium-ion batteries정훈기; 유태연; 김종순, et al
2020-06High-Voltage-Driven Surface Structuring and Electrochemical Stabilization of Ni-Rich Layered Cathode Materials for Li Rechargeable Batteries홍지현; 조모세; 박인철, et al
2016-10Highly stable iron-and manganese-based cathodes for long-lasting sodium rechargeable batteries홍지현; 김형섭; 윤갑인, et al
2016-05Improved electrochemical performance of LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2 cathode material synthesized by citric acid assisted sol-gel method for lithium ion batteries조병원; 이석우; 김형섭, et al
2016-03Intra-articular injection, subacromial injection, and hydrodilatation for primary frozen shoulder: a randomized clinical trial김영준; 윤종필; 정석원, et al
2008-06Korean Seaweed Extracts Showing Cancer Chemopreventive Effect through the Induction of Phase II Detoxification Enzymes and Anti-inflammatory activities이샛별; 이재권; 이은하, et al
2017-02Lithium-free transition metal monoxides for positive electrodes in lithium-ion batteries홍지현; 정성균; 김현철, et al
2008-08Meroterphenol A-D, plastoquinones from Sargassum yezoense김민철; 강석우; 권학철, et al
2005-08Non-equilibrium microstructure and thermal stability of plasma-sprayed Al-Si coatings백경호; 석현광; 김형섭, et al
2011-07Plastoquinones from Sargassum yezoense김민철; 권학철; 김수남, et al
2019-10Structural control of cellulose nanofibrous composite membrane with metal organic framework (ZIF-8) for highly selective removal of cationic dye백경열; 서진영; 송영한, et al
2018-07Suppression of Voltage Decay through Manganese Deactivation and Nickel Redox Buffering in High­Energy Layered Lithium­Rich Electrodes홍지현; 구교진; 김형섭, et al