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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06A bibliometric evaluation of research performance in different subject categories나인욱; 강대신; 이대희, et al
2009-08A Case Study of using Informetric Methods in R&D Strategic Planning and Research Performance Analysis in KIST강대신; 나인욱; 천호영, et al
2007-08A simple synthesis of magnetically modified zeolite나인욱; 황경엽; 설용건
2011-08Adsorption of Ammonium Ion from Anaerobic Digester Effluent Using Magnetically Modified Zeolite서민호; 나인욱
2007-05Adsorption of heavy metals using magnetically modified alginic acid전충; 나인욱; 황경엽
2005-02Analysis of mobile cadmium from soils with functionalized magnetic beads서형석; 나인욱; 황경엽, et al
2015-12analysis on CO2 reforming of CH4 by corona discharge process for various process variablesHoang Hai Nguyen; Anna Nasonova; 나인욱, et al
2017-01Anatase TiO2/reduced graphene oxide nanostructures with high-rate sodium storage performance조원일; 오인환; 나인욱, et al
2002-05Coagulation of synthetic reactive dye wastewater by cyanoguanidine-formaldehyde resin나인욱; 하재인; 김진호, et al
2000-12Coagulation of synthetic reactive dye wastewater by Cyanoguanidine-formaldehyde resin나인욱; 진양오; 황경엽
2008-08Effect of metal and glycol on mechanochemical dechlorination of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)나인욱; 황경엽; 설용건
2016-12Effect of preparation method on the oxygen vacancy concentration of CeO2-promoted Cu/r-Al2O3 catalysts for HTS reactions나인욱; 심재오; 나현석, et al
2015-12Enhancing the catalytic performance of cobalt oxide by doping on ceria in the high temperature water-gas shift reactionAjay Jha; Dae-Woon Jeong; Yeol-Lim Lee, et al
2016-05Facile Coating of Graphene Interlayer onto Li2S as a High Electrochemical Performance Cathode for Lithium Sulfur Battery조원일; 오인환; 나인욱, et al
2016-11Glutathione Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Colorimetric Detection of Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride이강봉; 이연희; 남윤식, et al
1998-04Isothermal vapor-liquid equilibria for the binary systems of chlorine with difluoromethane, chlorodifluoromethane, and dichlorodifluoromethane at 10 ℃강윤환; 조성용; 나인욱
1999-05Leachate treatment by advanced continuous fenton's oxidation process강윤환; 나인욱; 황경엽
2015-11Macroporous flexible polyvinyl alcohol lithium adsorbent foam composite prepared via surfactant blending and cryo-desiccationGrace M. Nisola; Lawrence A. Limjuco; Eleazer L. Vivas, et al
2000-02Mechanical pretreatment of waste activated sludge for anaerobic digestion process나인욱; 강윤환; 황경엽, et al
2015-11Ortho-para hydrogen conversion characteristics of amorphous and mesoporous Cr2O3 powders at a temperature of 77K김정현; 강상우; 오인환, et al
2006-04PCBs 오염토양의 생물학적 처리나인욱; 황경엽; 최지원, et al
2015-10Preparation of porous nanostructures controlled by electrosprayDung The Nguyen; 나인욱; 김교선
2008-06Removal of ammonium ion from aqueous solution using magnetically modified zeolite나인욱; 황경엽; 설용건, et al
2005-04Removal of Heavy Metal Ions by Magnetically Modified Zeolite전충; 황경엽; 나인욱, et al
2006-11Removal of Pb ion from water by magnetically modified zeolite나인욱; 황경엽; 전충, et al
2002-08Soil remediation using soil washing system in hydrocarbon contaminated field이달희; 나인욱; 황경엽
2015-07Spin conversion of hydrogen using supported iron catalysts at cryogenic temperatureTaraknath Das; 권순철; 나인욱, et al
2015-12Synthesis and characterization of Fe-modified zeolite for spin conversion of hydrogen at cryogenic temperature김정현; 강상우; 나인욱, et al
2016-08Synthesis of iron oxide catalysts using various methods for the spin conversion of hydrogen오인환; 나인욱; Taraknath Das, et al
1996-01Synthesis of γ-LiAlO2 powder by ball-mill method for molten carbonate fuel cell matrix나인욱; 양재춘; 설용건, et al