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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987-01A plate medel for moving feed-injection chromatography, I. Simulation results.하흥용; 노경호; 이원국
1987-01A plate medel for moving feed-injection chromatography, II. Experimental results.하흥용; 노경호; 이원국
1990-10A study on the hydraulic characteristics of a structural packing.조성용; 노경호; 최대기, et al
2005-12Adsorption Characteristic of Hydrogen and Methane on Activated Carbon김은철; 최대기; 노경호
2010-05Adsorption Equilibrium of Caffeine and Theophylline on C18 Column Using Ionic Liquids as AdditivesW. Bi; 최대기; 노경호
1996-01Adsorption isotherm of deoxyadenosine under the conditions of a reverse phase liquid chromatographyI. A. Polunina; 최대기; 노경호, et al
2005-10Adsorption isotherm of hydrogen and methane on activated carbon김은철; 노경호; 최대기
2008-01Adsorption Isotherms of 2-deoxyuridine(dUrd) and 2-deoxycytidine(dCyd) by Static Method이광진; 이상훈; 노경호, et al
2009-04Adsorption Isotherms of Benzene and Its Derivatives by RPLC Frontal AnalysisXiaolong Wan; 최대기; 노경호
2008-08Adsorption isotherms of caffeine on molecular imprinted polymer진용매; 최대기; 노경호
2010-10Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide using Polyethyleneimine Modified Silica GelTao Zhu; 양세일; 최대기, et al
2009-09Application of ionic liquids as mobile phase additives and surface-bonded stationary phase in liquid chromatographyDandan Han; Minglei Tien; 박동화, et al
2011-11Application of Ionic Liquids for Chiral Separation최대기; Wentao Bi; 노경호
1995-01Asymmetry of peak shapes in linear gas-liquid chromatography.노경호; 최대기
1997-01Calculation of gradient elution profiles by HCI1 program based on plate theory이주원; 최대기; 노경호
1987-01Characteristics of moving feed-injection chromatography.하흥용; 노경호; 이원국
2003-12Chiral separation of Bupivacaine by simulated moving bed (2) Determination of optimum condition by simulation한순구; 여미순; 이중기, et al
1995-01Chromatographic behavior of deoxyribonucleosides with respect to organic modifier content in the mobile phase.김재덕; 노경호; 소명섭, et al
1995-01Comparison of cleaning performance of 1,1,1 TCE and methylene chloride노경호; 최대기; 이윤용
2004-06Comparison of the Physical Properties for Alternative Fire Extinguishing of Pure and Mixture Component of Inert Gases김재덕; 이광진; 한순구, et al
2004-03Comparison of Thermodynamic Properties of Alternative Fire Extinguishing Agent김재덕; 여미순; 이광진, et al
1998-10Determination of nonlinear adsorption isotherm by dynamic method최용석; 이주원; 최대기, et al
1999-08Determination of single and competitive isotherms of phenol and O-cresol in RP-HPLC최용석; 이주원; 노경호, et al
2005-03Effect of Calcium Sulfate-Chitosan Composite: Pellet on Bone Formation in Bone Defect조병채; 김태규; 양정덕, et al
2012-07Effects of iron content on bismuth molybdate for the oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butenes to 1,3-butadiene박정현; 노혜령; 박지원, et al
2002-06Empirical equations for physical properties of halon-1301 and CO₂노경호; 송명석; 한순구, et al
2002-09Empirical equations for thermodynamic physical properties of Freon-23 and HFC-227ea김재덕; 이윤우; 송명석, et al
2003-03Empirical equations for thermodynamic physical properties of inert gas김재덕; 여미순; 이윤우, et al
2005-05Extraction and Purification of eupatilin from Artemisia princeps PAMPAN by Recycling preparative HPLC진룡해; 한순구; 최대기, et al
2011-11Extraction and Purification of Myricetin from Chamaecyparis Obtusa by Multi-Phase Extraction with MCM-41최대기; Minglei Tian; 노경호