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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-11A simple and low temperature process for super-hydrophilic rutile TiO2 thin films growth마네; 주오심; 민선기, et al
2005-11A simple electrosynthesis route for preparation of nanocrystalline titanium sulphide film록핸드; 민선기; 정광덕, et al
2005-10A simple two-step method for preparation of cadmium selenide film on nickel substrate록핸드; 이은호; 정광덕, et al
2005-05Ammonia-free chemical bath method for deposition of microcrystalline cadmium selenide films록핸드; 이은호; 정광덕, et al
2004-10Cathodic electrodeposition of amorphous titanium oxide films from an alkaline solution bath록핸드; 민선기; 정광덕, et al
2004-09Cathodic electrodeposition of RuO2 thin films from Ru(III)Cl3 solution박봉옥; 록핸드; 박형상, et al
2007-03CdSe nanofiber based photoelectrochemical cells: Influence of annealing temperatures민선기; 주오심; 마네, et al
2009-03Characterization of honeycomb-like “β-Ni(OH)2” thin films synthesized by chemical bath deposition method and their supercapacitor application파틸; 구라브; 플라리, et al
2007-07Differentiating chemical deposition techniques (CBD, M-CBD and SILAR)파탄; 록핸드; 주오심
2009-03Electrochemically intercalated indium-tin-oxide/poly(3-hexylthiophene): A solid-state heterojunction solar cell마네; 이원주; 민선기, et al
2009-03Electrodeposited porous and amorphous copper oxide film for application in supercapacitorPatake; Joshi; 록핸드, et al
2004-07Electrodeposited ruthenium oxide (RuO2) films for electrochemical supercapacitors박봉옥; 록핸드; 박형상, et al
2009-01Electrodeposited ruthenium oxide thin films for supercapacitor: Effect of surface treatmentsV.D. Patake; 록핸드; 주오심
2005-06Electrosynthesis of cadmium selenide films from sodium citrate-selenosulphite bath록핸드; 이은호; 정광덕, et al
2009-04Fabrication of hydrophobic surface of titanium dioxide films by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) method모어; 준자카; 록핸드, et al
2008-04Formation of CdO films from chemically deposited Cd(OH)2 films as a precursorTanaji Gujar; V.R. Shinde; 김우영, et al
2008-12Growth of TiO2 nanorods by chemical bath deposition method모어; 구저르; 구자카, et al
2005-04Improved performance of dense TiO2/CdSe coupled thin films by low temperature process마네; 로성재; 주오심, et al
2011-10Magnetic studies on one-step chemically synthesized nickel ferrite thin films록핸드; 쿨카니; R.S. Mane, et al
2011-05Metal oxide thin film based supercapacitors록핸드; 두발; 주오심
2004-05Morphological studies of electrodeposited nanostructured TiO2 and RuO2 thin film록핸드; 박봉옥; 박형상, et al
2007-06Preparation and characterization of amorphous manganese sulfide thin films by SILAR method파탄; 칼레; 록핸드, et al
2004-07Preparation of cadmium selenide electrode from ammonia-free weak alkaline chemical bath and its photoelectrochemical performance록핸드; 이은호; 정광덕, et al
2004-08Preparation of lead ruthenium oxide and its use in electrochemical capacitor박봉옥; 록핸드; 박형상, et al
2004-04Room Temperature chemical deposition of amorphous TiO2 thin films from Ti(III) chloride solution록핸드; 이은호; 정광덕, et al
2010-02Room temperature soft chemical route for nanofibrous wurtzite ZnO thin film synthesis구리브; 플라리; 파틸, et al
2006-04Successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) trend for nanocrystalline mercury sulfide thin films growthR.S. Patil; 록핸드; 마네, et al
2009-08Ultralong Cadmium Chalcogenide Nanotubes from One-Dimensional Cadmium Hydroxide Nanowire Bundles by Soft Solution Chemistry신디; 구저르; 노다타께시, et al