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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-02Capacitance properties of nano-structure controlled alumina on polymer substrate정승원; 민형섭; 한정환, et al
2014-02Carbon Nanotube/Silver Nanowire Multilayer for Low Haze Transparent Conductive Films for Flexible Touch Screen민형섭; 김상식; 최원국, et al
2012-11Diffusion Assisted Nano Carbon Films on Glass by Direct Growing Under Metal Catalyst정명선; 민형섭; 주병권, et al
2012-05Effect of Au ion doping treatment on SWNT flexible transparent conducting films민형섭; 정명선; 최원국, et al
2012-08Effects of Hole Transport layer using Au-ionic Doping SWNT on Efficiency of Organic Solar Cells민형섭; 정명선; 최원국, et al
2011-07Electrical Conductivity Improvement of Transparent Conductive Carbon Nanotube Films민형섭; 최원국; 오영제, et al
2008-10Electrochemical charactristics of electrode for redox flow battery with soluble lead민형섭; 김상식; 이전국
2008-11Electrochemical Properties of Immobilized MnOx-CNFs Composite Electrode for Supercapacitors민형섭; 김상식; 이전국
2009-05Energy efficiency improvement of different graphite electrodes in soluble lead acid redox flow battery민형섭; 양민규; 김상식, et al
2015-05Fabrication of few-layer MoS2 by sputtering오태경; 민형섭; 전형탁, et al
2012-11Fabrication of Flexible Transparent Conducting Film using Ag mesh electrode and SWNTs민형섭; 김상식; 최원국, et al
2013-05Fabrication of flexible transparent conducting film using CNT/AgNWs multilayer electrodes민형섭; 왕병용; 김상식, et al
2015-10Fabrication of MoS2 few-layer by Off-axis sputtering오태경; 민형섭; 이교섭, et al
2015-05Fabrication of p-SnO/n-SnO2 Junction Thin Film Diode by Sputtering민형섭; 김상식; 이전국
2012-08Fabrication of transfer-free graphene films on glass by metal catalyst composite정명선; 민형섭; 주병권, et al
2006-08Ferroelectric nanotubes array growth in anodic porous alumina nanoholes on silicons민형섭; 이전국
2014-05Flexible organic solar cells using CNT/AgNWs multilayer electrodes민형섭; 왕병용; 오영제, et al
2012-05Graphene films on glass substrate fabricated by metal catalyst composite without trasfer process정명선; 민형섭; 주병권, et al
2006-04High capacitance density of anodized TiO2 films for embedded capacitors정승원; 민형섭; 한정환, et al
2011-05High conductivity of transparent SWNT films on PET by ionic doping민형섭; 김상식; 최원국, et al
2015-10High Mobility p-type Tin Oxide Thin Film by Low-Temperature Sputtering민형섭; 김상식; 이전국
2013-03High performance Flesible transparent conductve carbon nanotube films for organic solar cell민형섭; 김상식; 최원국, et al
2008-09Immobilized Carbon Nanofibers Supported MnOx Supercapacitors민형섭; 김상식; 이전국
2011-10Improved conductivities of SWCNT transparent conducting films on PET by spontaneous reduction민형섭; 김상식; 이전국
2012-08Improved Conductivity of SWNT Flexible Transaent Conducting Films by Au-ionic Doping민형섭; 정명선; 천은영, et al
2010-05Improved conductivity of transparent single wall carbon nanotube based thin films on glass민형섭; 최원국; 김상식, et al
2009-03Improved optical and electrical properties of rf sputtered Al doped ZnO films on polymer substrates by low-damage processes민형섭; 양민규; 이전국
2009-10Improvement of Electrochemical Characteristics by Changing Morphologies of Carbon Electrode민형섭; 김상식; 최원국, et al
2013-11Large area CNT/AgNWs composite electrodes for excellent uniformity and lower sheet resistance민형섭; 신청; 왕병용, et al
2009-12PbO2 박막 미세구조제어에 의한 레독스 흐름 배터리의 에너지효율 향상기술개발민형섭; 이전국