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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-01A novel amperometric microbe detector김형주; H. P. Bennetto; M. A. Halablab, et al
2001-03A study on the chlorophyat of water quality in the Han river이재성; 박두현; 이대식, et al
2003-09A Study on the Degradability of Organic Compounds and Natural Purification of Stream in the Water Resource Protection Area이재성; 박두현; 이수원
2001-12A study on the measurement of biofilm thickness in the wastewater treatment process by the electric media이재성; 박두현; 이수원
2002-06A study on the measurement of biofilm thickness in the wastewater treatment process by the electric media이수원; 박두현; 이재성
2003-06A study on the natural purification of stream in the water resource protection area.이재성; 박두현; 이수원
2000-09A study on the survay of water quality in the Han River이재성; 박두현; 이대식, et al
2006-07Biological carbon dioxide conversion to methane by hydrogenotrophic methanogens in a hollow-fiber membrane biofilm reactor서원학; 이선미; 주동훈, et al
2007-03Development of bioreactors for enrichment of chemolithotrophic methanogen and methane production나병관; 황태식; 이성훈, et al
2003-12Development of Catalytic Electrode in Capable of Activating Chemical Oxidation of Nitrite and Biological Reduction of Nitrate전성진; 신인호; 상병인, et al
1999-01Direct electrode reaction of Fe(III)-reducing bacterium, Shewanella putrefaciens김병홍; 김형주; 현문식, et al
2004-06Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment under Electric Field Forming in Bioreactor나병관; 유윤선; 상병인, et al
2003-04Electricity Production Coupled to Bacterial Oxidation of Organic Compounds of Sediment Isolated from Riverbed of Anyang-cheon: Simulation for Removal of Organic Compounds from Sediment of Water Stream박두현; Woo Man Lee; Seong Jin Jeon, et al
2005-02Electrochemical Control of Metabolic Flux of Weissella kimchii sk10: Neutral Red Immobilized in Cytoplasmic Membrane as Electron Channel박선미; 강혜선; 박대원, et al
2005-10Electrochemical reduction of xylose to xylitol by whole cells or crude enzyme of Candida peltata박선미; 상병인; 박대원, et al
1997-01Electrode reaction of desulfovibrio desulfuricans modified with organic conducting compounds박두현; 김병홍; B. Moore, et al
2005-12Influence of Electric Potential on Structure and Function of Biofilm in Wastewater Treatment Reactor: Bacterial Oxidation of Organic Carbons Coupled to Bacterial Denitrification나병관; 상병인; 박대원, et al
1999-12Isolation and identificaiton of an anaerobic dissimilatory Fe(III)-reducing bacterium, Shewanella putrefaciens IR-1현문식; 김병홍; 장인섭, et al
1996-11Metabolic properties of an iron reducing bacterium, IR-1 isolated from paddy fileds.박두현; 김병홍
1996-01Microbial petroleum desulfurization.김병홍; 신평균; 박두현, et al
1996-01Most probable number 방법을 이용하여 측정한 중랑천 하상토양의 혐기성 세균의 수와 수질과의 상관 관계 =박두현; 최영효; 김병홍, et al
1998-08Removal of iron from domestic low-grade halloysite by bacterial leaching김성규; 박두현; 이화영, et al
1995-01Selectivity of desulfurization activity of Desulfovibrio desulfuricans M6 on different petroleum products김병홍; 김해영; 김태성, et al
1996-01The growth yield of Desulfovibrio desulfuricans M6 on different substrates.김병홍; 박두현; 신철수, et al
1997-12The properties of Fe(III) removal from domestic halloysite by metal-reducing bacterium, Shewanella putrefaciens 1R-1박두현; 김병홍; 김성규, et al
1997-01유기폐수를 연료로 사용하는 환경친화적 생물연료 전지김병홍; 김형주; 박두현
2001-05한강수계에서의 조류군집구조에 관한 연구 .이재성; 이대식; 박두현, et al