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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03A fluorogenic substrate of beta-lactamases and its potential as a probe to detect the bacteria resistant to the third-generation oxyimino-cephalosporins안대로; 히엔 타이; 민선준, et al
2011-05A Highly Selective Staurosporine Derivative Designed by a New Selectivity FilterIbrahim M. El-Deeb; 정수진; 박병선, et al
1992-01A new chemical amplification resist system based on novolac and t-BOC protected phosphazene as a dissolution inhibitor.안광덕; 강종희; 김성주, et al
2012-11Anticancer effects of KI-10F: A novel compound affecting apoptosis, angiogenesis and cell growth in colon cancer홍상원; 정경희; 최명주, et al
2009-08Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new potent and highly selective ROS1-tyrosine kinase inhibitor박병선; 무스타파; 유경호, et al
2009-10Design, synthesis, screening and molecular modeling study of a new series of ROS1 receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors무스타파; 박병선; 정수진, et al
2015-01Optimization of Bipyridinyl Pyrazole Scaffolds via Design, Synthesis and Screening of a New Series of ROS1 Kinase-modulating Compounds알사니아; 박병선; 아흐메드자카리아, et al
2015-05ROS1 amplification mediates resistance to Gefitinib in glioblastoma multiforme cellsHashim Aljohani; Robert F. Koncar; Ahmad Zarzour, et al
2016-02ROS1 Kinase Inhibitors for Molecular-Targeted Therapies알사니어; 아메드; 박병선, et al
2013-10Staurosporine Analogues from Microbial and Synthetic Sources and Their Biological Activities박병선; 아흐메드자카리아; 알사니아, et al
2014-08Structure-based optimization and biological evaluation of trisubstituted pyrazole as a core structure of potent ROS1 kinase inhibitors박병선; 알사니아; 아흐메드자카리아, et al
1994-01Surface analysis of modified polymer samples by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and rutherford backscattering spectroscopy.박성우; Dong-Hwan Kim; 김영만, et al
2012-11Synthesis and Biological Activity of New 4-(Pyridin-4-yl)-(3-methoxy-5-methylphenyl)-1H-pyrazoles Derivatives as ROS Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors박병선; 이브리엄; 유경호, et al
2015-01Synthesis and biological evaluation of new pyrazol-4-ylpyrimidine derivatives as potential ROS1 kinase inhibitors아흐메드자카리아; 알사니아; 박병선, et al
2015-01Synthesis and in Vitro Screening of Phenylbipyridinylpyrazole알사니아; 아메드; 아흐메드자카리아, et al
2013-01Synthesis and Photoluminescent Properties of New Aza-indenofluorene Derivatives정수진; 김원삼; 박병선, et al
2012-01Synthesis and Photoluminescent Properties of New Ceramidine Derivatives박병선; 이상우; 김인태, et al
2010-06Synthesis, screening and molecular modeling study of a new series of ROS receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors이브라인; 박병선; 정수진, et al
2011-03-10발광 특성을 갖는 나프토아크리딘 화합물박병선; 박정환; 유영준, et al
2008-10-24항암 활성을 갖는 신규한 6-(피리딘-3-일)피리미딘 화합물박병선; 엘-딥 이브리엄 무스타파; 오창현, et al
2013-10-29ROS 카이네이즈 저해활성을 갖는 2,4,6-삼치환된 피리미딘 화합물박병선; 박혜미; 심태보, et al
2009-07-17Ros 카이네이즈 저해활성을 갖는 피라졸 화합물박병선; 엘-딥 이브리엄 무스타파; 오창현, et al