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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06Anthocyanin Detection in 'bok choy' using Hyperspectral Imaging Technique김재헌; 김형석; 홍주연, et al
2018-07Artificial Rod and Cone Photoreceptors with Human-Like Spectral Sensitivities우덕하; 전영민; 이석, et al
2015-05Broadband supercontinuum generation using a hollow optical fiber filled with copper-ion-modified DNA조영호; 박병호; 오주영, et al
2021-07Dipole-assisted carrier transport in bis(trifluoromethane) sulfonamide-treated O-ReS2 field-effect transistor이수현; 박재영; 박병호, et al
2015-07DNA based material for metal ion sensing with photoluminescence characteristics박병호; Sreekantha Reddy Dugasani; 조영호, et al
2016-05DNA의 비선형 광특성 증대 및 이를 이용한 응용 (초청강연)김재헌; 김철기; 김효석, et al
2015-10Enhanced nonlinear optical characteristics of copper-ion-doped double crossover DNAs박병호; Byung Jic Lee; Sreekantha Reddy Dugasani, et al
2014-07Four-wave mixing in Copper ion modified-DNA nanostructure in solution박병호; Dugasani Sreekantha Reddy; 서민아, et al
2015-06Generation of Broadband Supercontinuum through Nonlinear Interaction in DNA Materials조영호; 박병호; 오주영, et al
2015-05Metal ion sensing solution containing double crossover DNA박병호; Sreekantha Reddy Dugasani; 조영호, et al
2014-11Monitoring the retinal degeneration of retinitis pigmentosa observed by differential interference contrast microscopyJ. Oh; S. H. Kim; Y. J. Kim, et al
2014-05Observation of four wave mixing on DNA박병호; Dugasani Sreekantha Reddy; 서민아, et al
2020-12Octave-spanning supercontinuum generation in infrared by MoS2-filled hollow core fiber우덕하; 김재헌; 이관일, et al
2016-04Scalable fabrication of micron-scale graphene nanomeshes for high-performance supercapacitor applications김현경; 박성민; 이석우, et al
2017-06Spectral Analysis on Upconversion Mechanisms of NaYF4: Er3+, Yb3+ Phosphor김재헌; 김효석; 박병호, et al
2014-05Supercontinuum generation in DNA filled hollow fiber조영호; 박병호; 오주영, et al
2014-07Supercontinuum Generation in DNA-filled Hollow Fiber조영호; 박병호; 조준형, et al
2015-05Supercontinuum generation through DNA-filled hollow core fiber for broadband absorption spectroscopy조영호; 박병호; 오주영, et al
2020-12Synergetic enhancement in optical nonlinearity of Au nanoparticle decorated MoS2 via interaction between excitonic and surface plasmon resonances우덕하; 김재헌; 이택진, et al
2013-04The third order nonlinear optical properties and optical logic gate applications of Cu-DNA based material (Invited talk)김철기; 박병호; 박성하, et al
2015-06Tunable near white light photoluminescence of lanthanide ion doped DNA latticesSreekantha Reddy Dugasani; 박병호; Bramaramba Gnapareddy, et al
2015-03Tunable wide blue photoluminescence with europium decorated graphene박병호; 김선준; 임주환, et al
2018-11Ultrasensitive terahertz molecule sensor for observation of photoinduced conformational change in rhodopsin-nanovesicles김재헌; 서민아; 이동규, et al